Need the Hermes how to spot a fake, what ebay book do you suggest?

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone kindly tell me what ebay book for learning about Hermes and how to spot a fake, is the best for teaching with loads of pictures?
  2. Found several on ebay and wasn't sure which one to buy.... ;O
  3. Sorry - I'm not familiar with these. Personally, I think some of the best Hermes authenticators frequent this board. If you ever need help with an auction, you can post it and get a lot of help. Also, we have a list of recommended H sellers that are always authentic. :smile:
  4. eBay #9524452437 has some sample pages posted. It is a digital file that is offered. If I'm not mistaken, the eBay seller is a frequent poster either to this forum or at the other Hermes forum at tFS. I haven't bought this file, but it's one I would consider for myself.
  5. I bought an ebook from one of the ebay seller a while ago, I found the information is not completely correct and lack of photos too.
  6. Excuse me, but what is TFS?
  7. The Fashion Spot....another forum with a thread for Hermes lovers!

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  8. Thank you, shoes.
  9. shoes...thanks too! I just visited and it didn't seem like there were a lot of threads for Hermes, but it was interesting.
  10. ^ not too many threads, just one big long thread there :smile:

    Just a thought to the OP: instead of a how to spot fake guide, you might want to consider locating a Hermes catalog with lots of pics of the bags.
  11. I purchased one from Hermesgoddess (she is super nice and used to work at hermes) a while back- it was informative, but very basic guide. There are points that I learned from reading this board which were not covered in her guide. Seriously, learned more by reading the informative threads up on the top of the subforum than any other place.
  12. Hi jag, I've talked with hermesgoddess before too and agree that she's nice. I didn't buy her guide but doesn't know enough to write such a guide. Judging from her posts in another forum and from her Hermes auction descriptions, she didn't know quite a few things about Hermes products.
  13. this forum may be your best guide to authenticating hermes bags. i've read but not bought any books nor guides on spotting fake hermes because I try to rely on my judgement. its true that some are really good imitations but i've found this forum to be very helpful....i hope this helps.....

  14. Hi Greentea, where is the list of recommended sellers ? There are some I would like to add. (and I wonder if i'm listed there ... hmmm...)

    Thanks !
  15. Dear Greentea.....Could you also send me a list of safe sellers.
    Thank you LSE