Need the extra push to buy...

  1. So my Birthday is coming up next week and I was toying around with the idea that I should buy myself a new bag to celebrate it and the end of getting through a really tough year at school. My boyfriend thinks this is a bad idea (of course!) and wants me to save my hard earned money.

    The thing is, it was really hard earned, and I think I deserve a present! This year I was working 40 hours a week and taking 20+ credit hours for my dual degree! I can't believe I managed to get out alive!

    What do you all think? Anyone wanna give me the extra push to buy a bag I know I deserve? I was considering scarf print, ergo, or maybe the small watercolor tote and wallet.
  2. I definitely think you deserve a reward...40 hours a week AND 20!

    Congrats on getting through this year of school! :woohoo:
  3. Hell yeah!
    I'm upset that the BF isn't helping you buy it, let alone giving you the thumbs up.
    You are working hard, doing all that stuff for school to better yourself, why not reward yourself with a little something for yourself? I say do it =)
    You have my vote =)
  4. You should totally go for it, you deserve it!
  5. I've treated myself for much less than all of that! Go for it girl and let us know what you get :graucho:
  6. Go for it! It sounds like you were working your butt off all year, and you made it through! AND it's your birthday too! If you have the money, and you really want to, go get yourself something awesome!
  7. Grats! you should TOTALLY get a new bag but you should know better then to ask something like that here! ;) We'll want you to get 5 more bags!
  8. You definitely deserve to treat yourself!
  9. I got in this battle with my fiancee over my birthday a few weeks ago. He thinks spending money on purses is silly and I told him it's MY birthday, I've worked hard this year and had a lot of crap go wrong and I feel like getting myself something nice! So deal with it!

    Then I went and bought my siggie stripe tote. Don't feel bad. Treat yourself. You earned it.
  10. You won't get much resistance from this crowd. :graucho: Birthdays are meant to be special days and you've earned an extra special reward. Treat yourself!
  11. Smiley, I want you to close your eyes and picture how happy you will be using the purse you buy with the hard earned money... You know, the purse that makes you smile wider every time you reach for it to get something from it/put something in it/or just simply touch it/admire it. I feel that way about my Legacy Leather Slim Tote.

    Just make sure you buy a purse you know you'll get a lot of use out of it though so it justifies for your hard work.

    BTW, GREAT JOB on making through school and work!!!
  12. You need to get for your birthday, one for making it through the semester with a super full load, and one as a reward for the hours at work....:graucho:
  13. If this is your heart's desire then I say go for it!
  14. It's YOUR hard earned money. It's YOUR birthday. Buy that bag!!!!

    Congratulations on finishing this school year!!!
  15. um, you need a bag to credit yourself for all of this hard work. you want? you get. YOU have been working those hours, not your bouyfriend. money will keep coming in. get yourself something nice.

    and congrats on being a hardworking, intelligent woman in this world. cheers.