Need the B-BAG Gals/Guys ASSISTANCE!!!

  1. Some of you may have heard my saga re: my husband and his quick-finger BIN on the Bronze Balenciaga City bag on eBay (eBay ID: "thebideasy").

    Well ... as some of you might know, this SAME bag has been up and up and up again and again on eBay ... which means ... (and has now been confirmed) ... that it's NOT AUTHENTIC!!!

    In the past couple of weeks, I have been corresponding with one of our tPF members ("Kaljukurki") who [unfortunately] BIN'd on this bag. This eBay scammer (who is a REAL *winner* ... and I do NOT mean this in a good sense!!) told our tPF member that he had already sent out the bag (since he got wise to what was going on when I told him that I knew it wasn't authentic and wanted my money back immediately). She just received the bag and it's a HORRIBLE fake. I've asked "Kaljukurki" to post a thread as well as the pictures and ask for your assistance in handling this matter (since I'm not on tPF as much as I would like to be).

    "Kaljukurki" inquired as to whether anyone has ever used the site to "authenticate" a bag? I never have ...

    Unfortunately, to make matters worse, another one of our members ("lovelygarments") just BIN'd on the bag as well ... so you know what's going to happen.
  2. oh NOOOOO!!!!!

    i never have mypoupette authenticate any b bags!

    actually u can authetincate urself by the guides on LP's site :
  3. ^^ OMG, this is just awful!!! :hysteric:
  4. I think caroldiva might. I think she started mypoupette, then left to work alone. I'm sure I've heard of her doing authentications before - you might want to try her.
  5. Oh no this is terrible!
  6. I've only been here since November, and this is the fourth time that bag has come up...this is shameful.

    In the past, when a lot of members from the Forum have made a concerted effort to report a seller to eBay (like 20 of us doing it all at once) we have succeeded in getting auctions of fake bags removed.

    This seller is particularly heinous, as he/she does it over and over again. So I think the first person to see this bag up again should post a thread alerting us so we can all report to eBay. EBay is taking this issue seriously (sometimes causing problems for legitimate sellers) so I think multiple reports could get this bag permanently banned. As it should be.
  7. I TOTALLY agree highglossfinish!!! I can't get into eBay when in work (and seems like I'm spending my entire lifetime in work as of late!) ... but we should DEFINITELY report this guy!!!

    I've been eBaying for a LONG time (both as buyer and seller) and I have to say that this guy was the MEANEST, NASTIEST, LOW-DOWN DIRTY BEAST to ever set foot in the eBay world!!! I've *heard* that he refers to me as "oh that 'crazy' woman from America"!! :roflmfao: Yeah ... that's rich!
  8. Is there more than one bag involved? Or is he just re-listing the exact same bag each time it's returned to him?
  9. I haven't paid him, nor will I pay him. I'm going to e-mail and tell him that I reviewed his past auctions, and I'm very concerned about the handbag being listed multiple times. I've got to do some research, and I'll get back with you all. LG
  10. Nooooo, that is horrible!! I REALLY hope you get your money back!! I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  11. wow that's horrible...that person should def. be reported >=(!!
  12. He is a total A*******!!! Shortly after I joined TPF a girl bought that bag and came here to have it authenticated. It was fake. They refunded. I have seen that bag listed at least 5-7 more times. FInally I emailed him and told him what I thought and I also sent ebay a long fraudlent listing email.
    He's a big power seller and half of the antiques he lists are fake too. My Mom used to have an antique shop and she said half or more are replicas.
    He's total scum. He emailed me back and told me he has conncections for Balenciaga bags and receipts. I told him I don't care what you say or what receipts you have, the bags are fakes, you know they are fakes and becasue you have receipts for your fakes means nothing. He emailed me back with and said "All of our items are authentic, check my feedback, leave me alone" :cursing:
  13. Oh there are LOTS more auctions that ended with that bag sold. Let me see if I can find the very first thread on this bag in the authenticate this sticky.
    Here it is, way back in November.

    I have used mypoupette and caroldiva. Both are well worth the money. Carol is very sweet and my choice of the 2.
  14. Oh dear.

    What a horrid person!! I hope you'll manage to get this sorted out, lovelygarments!