need support

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  1. i've never written in this part of the forum, but, right now, i hurt so much i can barely breathe...our adorable, loving 2 year old pug mika has just been diagnosed with lymphoma...let me preface this by saying that i was quite ill for a long time and had to go through ivf to conceive...we have a son who's now 15 and the ivf failed all other times and then i had a hysterectomy...our son thought it would be great to have, we started with a cat that had a horrible condition and needed to be put down after 4 months..(she had severe porto systemic shunt, a liver problem), we got a puppy...she is the most loving, caring, giving puppy and we love and adore her...she is intuitive and wonderful...i thought she just had a cold until i felt the two golf ball sized lumps in her neck...we brought her to the vet and they did a biopsy and it's confirmed that it's lymphoma...we've got all the information about what is/isn't going to happen...we're taking her to the oncologist tomorrow...with treatment, depending on how far the disease has spread, she could live for a year...without treatment, a matter of a couple of months...we will do whatever is best for her...we will not be selfish and keep her alive just so we can get more time with her...we will not let her suffer and when it is time for her to pass, we will have it happen with her in a dignified way with those of us who love her, surrounding her...i am just so sad and don't know what to do with these feelings...i feel like i'm losing my best friend and i am feeling the pain so deep inside me i feel like i'm going to start crying and not be able to stop (that's happened, too)...i just wanted to share this with people who would understand and ask you all for your support...and prayers for our mika...
  2. I know what you are going through and I really feel for you. There is nothing I can say to make the pain go, but you and your loving pup are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep strong!
  3. thank you so much
  4. I'm so sorry, I feel so sad for you. I hope that somehow the vets can help your sweet doggie. This just seems so unfair. Hugs.:sad:
  5. Ok, I have been there..My rescue Millie was diagnosed with mammary tumor cancer about one week after I rescued her. We did do the chemo, it is not harsh on dogs like it is on humans cause with humans the objective is to cure the cancer but with doggies it is really to extend the life. She did very well! Her last treatment was one full year ago and she is cancer free (we have appts every 3 months where they do a tummy ultrasound and chest x-ray). The cancer had entered her lymph nodes so it was somewhat advanced. Diet is very important too! They told me to feed her some brocoli at each mean as the brocoli fights the cancer. Also, very very low carbs, as the carbs feed the cancer according to the vet/nutritionist. Please PM me if you need more info, and let us know what happens!!
  6. Both you and mika will be in my prayer. :smile: Be strong and hope for the best! :smile:
  7. I am so sorry :sad: *hugs*
  8. i'm wishing you and mika the best.
  9. Sending positive healing and strengthening vibes your way!!!
  10. here my love for ya..:heart::yes:
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your darling pug. Your family and puppy are in my heart and prayers.
  12. I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I am a pug owner as well. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. Wishing you and Mika all the best. I hope that things work out and your vet can help Mika through this.
  14. I will be praying for the best. I am a pug owner and lover as well. Please keep us updated.
  15. Aw sea I am so sorry - we will be keeping you and little Mika in our thoughts. :crybaby: