Need super quick advice on Cole Haan!

  1. The bag I want to buy is shown below. I like it but I am unsure as to what kind of situation you could use the bag in. School? A work bag? Does anyone have this bag?

    Do YOU like the bag? I dont have any Cole Haan bags at the moment and I would like to test-drive one of their woven leather ones. I have heard that woven leather bag can be weird in the sense that things can get caught in the weave and stuff like that.I really hope that is not true. Anyhow, the Cole Haan outlets are excellent! I dont know why I didnt go in their stores before. They've got shoes, clothing, BAGS, wallets, and lots of other stuff for super prices.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Hmmm....its interesting. I think I'd have to see a picture of someone wearing it. I do like the woven leather bags just not sure if I like this one. By the way I always love reading your posts!
  3. How tall is it?
  4. Oh thank you! I always think Im blabbering away! I do love purses very much though. Something about them brings out the enthusiast in me, and I love talking about colors, materials, brands, and pretty much everything else having to do with bags.
  5. I would guess-timate the bag to be about 15 inches tall.
  6. Ohhh I was thinking it was much taller. I think that bag would be cute! I think it would be great for work/school. I love big bags so that would be a great every day bag for me. I say go for it! And no you are never blabbering away =)
  7. Very similar to the AC City tote, to me....seems like you could use it for a lot of things, depending on its size. Is the leather soft? I don't ony woven bags because I haven't found any soft ones, the ones I've seen always feel like a big sandal.
  8. I'm with KAOkim, your posts are great. I think it is a nice bag but I would have to feel/see the leather in person; but I like really squooshy leather. The colour if the bag I like alot.
  9. I can't say anything about their woven leather but their pebbled leather lunch totes are just gorgeous....soft leather and very versatile bags. They look classy without screaming a brand name.

    Cole Haan is one of the most underrated brands IMO...
  10. I do like this bag. I also do not own any woven leather, but will some day. Is the bag lined? That would be a deal breaker for me...if it wasn't.

    The color is pretty, Cole Haan is a tried and true fabulous brand, and I agree totally, the CH outlet near me rocks with products and prices.

    Go for it if you haven't already. All season bag, great shape.
  11. I agree that it does look a lot like the AC City tote (and also that you are never babbling away... ;)

  12. Cute.
  13. Oh, I like it! I have special feeling of woven bags. I think Cole Haan bags have good quality and reasonable prices. Good choice!
  14. Cute! I saw similar Cole Haan bag at Nordies Rack yesterday with that same woven leather, and it actually nice and soft. :yes: