~Need sugguestions on how to make these shoes fit!

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I bought a pair of pumps on Saturday [I swear I tried on over 50 pairs of heels at the mall.. Haha..].

    Sadly they are half a size too big. The smallest size they come in is a 6 (36). I've tried lining the back of the heels. Mild improvement but still a bit loose. I find my feet in pain when I wear leggings with the heels.

    I really want to get these shoes to work out.

    @.@;; Help me pull a miracle. Or else other option is return.. @.@;;

    Off topic but,
    I noticed that my foot have shrunk somehow.. @.@;; I'm suddenly a 5.5 instead of 6.5. I've tried on heels and other shoes at more than one shoe store.
  2. What did you line the backs with? I've used those gel heel cushions which work pretty well since they're thick, you could maybe stack 2 on top of each other if you're still finding them too big.
  3. add a full padded sole, a la dr. scholl's, and that should get you half size closer.
  4. I am currently using Sofsole heel liner. It is still a bit lose, I will try stacking two.

    I will try that, its on my to do list for the weekend now. :biggrin: I'll update you both on the outcome.

    :smile: Thank you both of you for your suggestions.
  5. Agreed. I bought Birkenstock insoles on a whim while I was travelling and they're fab. They're really cushy and you can buy full length ones, mid length (basically without the toes - they're cut to where your toes would be connected to your foot) or heel ones.

    I got the mid length and I reckon they add at least a full size to my foot size - I can only use them with my larger fitting shoes because they close them in so much!
  6. I have done this in a pinch- cut an athletic type sock into two flat pieces and then roll it up and put it in the toe of the shoes.
  7. ^ hey, I'm going to try that - does the sock hurt your toes at all? bend them backwards or cramp them up too much?
  8. No, I just kept rolling it and putting it in and then cutting more and more off and rerolling it until it was just right. I think they key is to roll it pretty tight.
  9. ^ Hmm, thanks! I have two pairs of boots that are just waiting for this trick!
  10. For me it depends on where the shoe is loose. if I have enough room in the toe area I usually add the little insoles that go in the toe/ball of foot area. It helps to push my foot back towards the heel of the shoe. In pointy toe or cowboy boots I usually use the Dr Scholls 16 hour 3/4 length insoles. They stay in place really well and make about a 1/2 size difference.
  11. I added a full pad, although it is still loose in the back. I am trying double heel liners, going to test the shoes tomorrow! Wish me luck!:biggrin:
  12. I know this is not the *best* answer, but for shoes that are too big, I actually hold off wearing them until the Spring/Summer when I know I won't be wearing tights, etc. and when feet get a bit more swollen from the heat. I have a few pumps that I can only wear in the summer as a result.