Need Suggestions..

  1. I'm thinking of what (shoulder)bag is good for going out(parties,clubbing)but not really a formal evening bag.Thanks!
  2. do you want a small one or medium? check out the other thread on first gucci bag and theres a good evening one on their i think. the first pic thats attatched in the second post (?) whatever its still the first pic of the thread. I think that'd make a really good evening bag
  3. IMO, the BEST going out Gucci bag is the chain bags in all the different styles!! You can see pics of some different styles of the chain clutches in different Gucci threads. I have the black python version, mssmelanie has the monogrammed fabric with white leather trim...there's even a pic posted of Amanda Bynes with one! Alas, they are likely only available through ebay now...

    They also have those cuff clutches this season that are TDF...they're on the Gucci website I'm sure...
  4. I agree that the chain bags are ultimate luxe for going out... but it would take some careful searching to find an authentic one...

    The cuff clutches are GORGEOUS but I personally think ridiculously expensive. I don't think they're worth the price for what you're getting. Especially if your use is to go out for clubbing and stuff like that, you need a nice bag that is somewhat durable and not made of something like suede or satin that will get ruined if anybody accidentally spills a drink on you. I guess if you have the money and wouldn't mind if it got ruined, then YES, get one cuz they're really nice! Otherwise, you're probably better to stick to something else.

    I've attached a few photos including the one suggested above that I had posted for somebody else looking for a first gucci bag.

    I would personally go for the capri or the wave medium flap. depending on whether you want a look that's more fun/casual (capri) or luxe/sophisticated (wave).

    Good luck with your purchase! Let us know what you decide!
    Gucci $570.jpg gucci capri small shoulder.jpg gucci gala small evening.jpg gucci wave medium flap.jpg
  5. thanks guys..I liked your suggestions.I like the capri.I might visit the store this week so i can see and try it on.I really appreciate it.Thanks again:smile: :smile:
  6. Completely my pleasure! You gave me an opportunity/reason to go check out the gucci site! :smile:

    Hope your trip to Gucci is fruitful!