Need suggestions, my birthday present

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  1. Ok, so this is kind of an open book question, so give me any and all suggestions.
    My birthday is the 17th and my hubby wants to buy me something from LV since i love it so much. I got my SA to order in 2 different scarves, both are velvet and one has tassels, the other rhinestones. They will be in next week for me to look at.
    I am debating if i want to get a scarf or get a bag. I am living in Columbus, OH right now and so i need a scarf, but one list for almost $400 and the other around $750.
    So i could either get A).the cheaper scarf and maybe a wallet. B).I could get just the more expensive one that suppose to be hot! or C). get a bag.
    If i get a bag I was thinking the epi leather: Mandara or Pochette. But any suggestions are welcome. I just want something different. I dont really want to get reg. monogram, i want something a little more unique. I want to get it in the store.. cause hubby has a thing for buying only brand new stuff. I am carrying a suhali bag right now and i am thinking of getting something that isnt as flashy to go with more casual clothes....or one for going out. See I told you it was an open book. I just dont know what to do!! HELPPP!!:s
    Oh and my budget is no more than $800 to $900 . We agreed because of vacations, holidays, anniversary coming up etc.
  2. AHHHHHHHH my birthday is on the 17th too!!! :nuts: you're lucky to have a hubby who would buy you LV for your birthday.

    for a wallet, you can pretty much get anything you want for that price range. i personally like the suhali zipped compact wallet. do you want a shoulder bag or a hand held bag? i did a search on eluxury and these are the epi and damier (i don't think it's flashy) bags in the 800-900 range:
    - for epi: st. tropez and speedy 25
    - for damier: saleya pm, papillon 30, sac plat, brera, ipanema, noviglio, keepall 50, ribera mini, alma
  3. Happy Birthday! So many thing is to go and 'play'...the answer will come to you.

    Have fun!
  4. i rather buy bag for that price or scarf & wallet if u really want the scarf..

    just my 2c, hope u'll find something that u really love!
  5. Happy birthday.
  6. happy bday girly! I agree, take a run in the store w/ your hubby.. take a look around and try things on, see what you like the best irl!
  7. Thanks everyone for the HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! and sma11cat for lookin up the bags in my price range. That was very helpful. Happy early Birthday to you too sma11cat!!:smile:
    I saw the Lexington vernis i thought would be cute to go out, and it is a little different than what you would normally see.
    Like you all say, i guess i will have to go to the store. Problem though, our LV is so small in a small Saks so they normally dont have a whole lot to put out and stocked.
    I guess i will see what i can do though :rolleyes: :upsidedown:
  8. hey crush! happy early birthday to you too!

    i would suggest that you browse the catalog at and jot down all the ones that you are interested in trying on so that you don't miss anything at the store! :yes: happy shopping~!
  9. crush--happy birthday and good luck finding a great gift of LV!:yes:

    sma11cat--happy birthday too!
  10. Oh.. ok i have been browsing around and I am thinking either the perfo puchette fuchsia (a little different than the reg mono) or the lexington vernis in fuchsia...and maybe the cheaper scarf too:P :graucho: :sneaky: :happydance: .. ok i really got into the smileys there...sorry ;)

    Which one??

    Or should i just get over myself and get a reg mono or damier.. and get a bigger bag?? lol You all are going to go insane with my questions and lack of being able to decide. I am so horrible at decisions!!:sweatdrop:
  11. happy birthday.......

    if you like small bags, by all means go for the perfo pochette, it is very, very cute, but if you're into big bags, go for a speedy or a saleya........
  12. Thanks again for the happy b-days :smile: blu_77 and mickloisme