Need suggestions - LV to take to football and baseball games?

  1. Hi everyone, what LV would you suggest I get to take to outdoor sporting events to watch football or baseball? I'd need something that could be put on cement and be comfortable and not too heavy...

  2. I don't know that I'd take any LVs to a game. I just remember from experience when I was mom had a brand new yellow leather Coach bag and set it on the ground under her seat. Not even 10 minutes later, the guy behind her spilled his beer and it went ALL over the bottom of the bag. To this day the bag still has the outline of the stain on it.
    I'd just take a cheap, sturdy one to a you won't be heartbroken over if it gets ruined.
  3. Maybe a wapity. I try not to carry a whole purse when I go places like that because it's too hard to carry and keep up with.
  4. The only thing that comes to mind is Geronimos. You can put your $$$, car keys, IDs, etc. and it will never leave your body!!!:idea:
  5. ummm....take a plastic bag with ya... I'm not trying to be rude or funny, I just think that you won't need to worry that much about it...'ll serve as a great garbage bag after too:biggrin:
  6. Monogram Ellipse backpack. I have one and have taken it everywhere from Disneyland to Lakers Games (when I lived in LA). Plus, you look sporty since it is a sleek backpack. The other LV backpacks look frumpy to me...
  7. if you really prefer to carry an Lv, how about a Saleya?

    if soiled you can wipe the damier canvas clean and there is not vachetta to worry about. the shoulder straps will ley you be hands free
  8. hmm, if you have a really old LV, I suggest you bring that. =p

    If not, I think a damier papillon would be cute. Don't know why I thought of that but the round shape reminds me of the football.
  9. a fake LV so you won't feel bad when the peanut shells and spilled beer/soda soil the bag??? :graucho:

    i personally won't bring a good bag to a game... in fact, i am going to a baseball game this weekend, and i am thinking about bringing a small shoulder bag... so that if i can't put it down on the floor or the chair i can still hold on to it without it being too inconvenient... :yes:
  10. When I go to the football games here (and I go to every single irish game)....I seriously grab a crappy Adidas drawstring laundry type bag.
    Students (and I'm sure other people at normal games) are drunk, kicking over things, etc. I would NEVER take the chance of something happening. Plus it's not like they wash down the concrete after every game, etc.
    In fact.....gross story, but I was at a concert in Detroit last summer and these drunk guys behind me spilled beer on me 3 times...we moved up a row and then they actually urinated on the people who moved into our spot.
    That's why I would never take my LV to any type of big public event like that.
  11. I would go for something you can wear across your body or a pochette that you could keep on your shoulder. There isn't a single LV that I would Want to put on the ground or cement......
  12. I use a small cross-body bag for events like those. It's easier, and you don't have to worry or keep track of them.
  13. I say just bring a cles. You can put your money, ID, and a couple of credit cards with you. Then just hook the cles onto the belt loop above your pocket and slide the cles into you pocket. Works great, you have what u'll need with you and there won't be 35,000 drunken fools waiting to spill beer and mustard all over your prized possessions
  14. I would bring a Damier Speedy. Easy to clean - no vachetta to worry about - light - lots of storage space.

    Of course a wapity or cles is a great idea as well if you dont need to carry much.
  15. I wouldn't bring a good bag to a game either. Anything can happen to it.