Need Suggestions! Getting my next

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  1. So, my dh surprised me today with 3 Amex gift cards and pretty much suggested that I get a bag on my wishlist, :yahoo:
    Now, I am not so sure that I want a bag from my wish list...I am worried that the Galliera is having some problems (hence, handle falling off, etc.) after reading here about several issues with it...Should I go for something completely different? Any suggestions?? By the way, I have the NF MM, Speedy 25 (mono), Damier Speedy 30, and Keepall(mono)45 ..
    I have $1500 to spend and I am thinking about getting the Speedy 35 mono and a small accessory (wallet, keychain) or go for the gusto and get something else??

    Feel free to drop some suggestions..I am totally confused about what to buy! But I am ready to spend NOW :graucho:
  2. I would go ahead and get the SA told me all of the issues have been fixed and if anything were to happen to your bag they would replace it, no questions asked!
  3. I have the Galliera PM and love her soooo much! I love all the beautiful details on her.
    Get her!
  4. what about a vernis bag instead, since u have none, and all what u have mostly is mono bags. maybe a bellvue GM , summit drive.. or an epi bag..cnt remember the prices..but i think u can get a passy with $1500. Just some suggestions ! =)
    Goodluck deciding.
  5. I've been browsing around on the e-luxury site, and it is getting harder to narrow it down..Before going to the boutique I want to have an idea of which bag I I've narrowed it down (I think) to these:

    Monogram Canvas Montorgueil GM

    Monogram Canvas Palermo GM

    Galliera PM or GM

    Monogram Canvas Tivoli PM

    I really love the way the Galliera looks, for some reason all the repair issues just seem to make me nervous about it...I still think it's a great looking bag...I know, I am sooo indecisive. :nuts:
    I like the Vernis suggestion, but I am not sure if I can use it as much as the mono bags or damier bags? For those who own Vernis, does it seem to be too "dressy" for everyday wear? I really want something I can use for work, casual and/or going out...:confused1:
  6. You should get the Galliera. LV will take care of it if something were to happen.
  7. Get a galliera, it's a gorgeous bag (I lvoe mine!). If anything happens to it LV will repair or replace it for you.
  8. I see the Galliera has lots of fans :yes:
    I am going to go to the boutique tomorrow, I think I should take another day to think about it..thanks for all the suggestions...I am leaning toward the Galliera, but once I get to the boutique I could fall in LVoe with something else :shrugs:...For some reason, I am really wanting a mono Speedy 35 too..decisions, decisions..:shame:
  9. I have a Galliera PM and love it!

    I haven't had any problems with it either. (knock on wood)
  10. Since you have a lot of Mono, I would go with something in Damier or Epi.
  11. i agree. get something in a different line. either vernis or epi. both lines look great with the new colors.
  12. Get t[​IMG]he Epi speedy 30 and a new wallet.[​IMG]
  13. I'll get the Tivoli, I was thinking about the Galliera or the Palermo (the latter is on your avvie, I think you should get her since she's more roomier and has both handheld and shoulder straps). But like you said, the Galliera is sooo bad with all the problems she's facing. I would be worried too.

    As for the Verni bags, I think she's a tad too dressy too. I think the Bellevue bags might work for everyday, at least the GM. But it depends on how much you carry everyday.

    I might go for Epi too. Just to add some variety to your collection since it seems you have a lot of Mono bags. Good luck.
  14. I like this suggestion too! :drool: The Epi looks so good in red, the last time I visited the boutique (when I bought my NF MM) I tried on the Epi in Black..its a great bag.
  15. Good point..I'm listening to all the suggestions here! I love damier and mono canvas, but I don't have any epi or vernis....I'm really considering that red epi speedy..its gorgeous! I guess I am narrowing it down to either a Galliera, or something in Epi and possibly a wallet...
    Thanks to all for the suggestions!! I'll be checking in to see what others suggest as well! TIA :heart: