Need suggestions from all you stylish Coach ladies, please! [LONG]

  1. Firstly, some facts about me: I'm 15, a Coach addict and shopaholic, and I get a weekly allowance.

    So, I'm on a self-imposed shopping ban until March, unless I see some AMAZING bargain that if I passed up, I would regret for the rest of my life. :p This is pretty good considering I'm the type of person who will buy endless amounts of clothing even if I don't need it or have something similar just because it's on sale.

    The reason I put myself on this ban is because well, frankly, I'm broke. :lol: But also, for once, I just want to save my money up instead of blowing it on something here and something there. So when March/spring break rolls around for me, I want to spend my saved up money on something meaningful. I'll have about $200 - $300 from Chinese New Year money and allowance.

    So down to the point...I definitely want to get the Carly Top Handle pouch in black, but I also want another bag that's not black. Anything but black. Preferably under $200 [before or after discounts..I'll probably end up waiting for PCE or Macy's F&F]. No swingpacks and preferably something that fits on the shoulder, though I may consider the pouches.

    ...and then there's always whatever I can manage to find at the outlets :sweatdrop:

    Thanks in advance for all your help! :flowers:
  2. I don't know if you are anywhere near an outlet, but they had some gallery totes for $199 and I think an extra 20% off on top of that. I remember seeing it in the chocolate brown color. I really wanted to snag that but I had already spent a bunch of money when I was supposed to be on a ban. :shame:
  3. Ohh, I'd DIE for a gallery tote and that's such a good price too!

    Sadly, the closest outlet to me is 1 hour+ away and I'd have to get my parents to drive me... won't have any time to go with midterms right now until at least spring break. :push:

  4. Was this recently that the gallery totes were at the outlets??? I have been thinking about getting one of these, but have to wait for about a week or two before I can. :push: There is an outlet about 10 mins. from my house!!! I hope they have them! :sweatdrop:
  5. I was just at the Vegas outlets on Saturday and they had lots of gallery totes. If you want you can call and do a charge/hold and you can pay for it on the phone and they will hold it for you for 2 weeks until you can pick it up. :tup:
  6. how about the new Hamptons Signature scarf print top handle pouch ($158), legacy pouch? they're so darn cute:yes:
  7. I would say if you are going to get the Carly top handle pouch, then you should def for your other bag, get something you can use for books and for school on a daily basis. Maybe a slim tote or one of those heritage totes would be cute if you can't ge to an outlet. Or I don't know if you can order them but I think those magazine totes have long straps and will fit books,good luck !
  8. Yup...I was at 2 outlets this past weekend and they were at both. They had quite a few too. Hope you can find them at your outlet.
  9. I already have a Signature Stripe shoulder tote that's HUGE for me, so I think I'm good in terms of large bags.

    I plan on using the Carly for those days that I just need to bring a cellphone, keys, and some light makeup...maybe a camera.

    So now I want something in the middle... I'm considering:
    $188, and all the size too!

    $198, LOVE this! But they only have Black on the website right now.

    Also, are the Ergos comfortable to wear on the shoulder? I've heard the strap does not work well for some people... I guess my best bet would be to go to the boutique and try it on.
  10. The Vegas Outlets have lots of Ergos now. I saw a few of teh brown leather ones. You should give them a call.
  11. I like the all leather ergo between the 2.
  12. Such a hard choice between the 2 Ergos!!
    I do love the all leather one because it looks really classic, but I like the look of the signature one too!

    More opinions please, you guys really know your stuff!
  13. I personally am a fan of the signature stuff. While I do like the leather, I'm not a huge fan of all leather bags.
  14. I like the signature ergo.
  15. I like the leather Ergo, because it's very classy but also doesn't scream "OMG I'm A COACH!!" I absolutely love the leather, but I like the sig fabric too. I just feel like the leather pieces tend to be slightly more timeless/trendless simply because of their lack of logo. That's a piece that you could wear for a VERY long time!!