Need suggestions for tip/gift for doggie class teacher

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Hi all!

    This week my rescue doxie, Casey, and I are finishing our dog school. The instructor was a very helpful young lady and I wanted to give her something extra as I am sure the place does not pay her well and I appreciated her instruction and patience. Any thoughts on what might be appropriate? She is about 26 y/o . Thanks
  2. How about a gift certificate to a local restaurant that an underpaid young person might not otherwise be able to afford?
  3. That's a smashing idea robyn!
  4. That's a great idea!
  5. id def say gc's to a restaurant.. its the best gift to give to someone who doesnt make much money. heh and who you dont know what their interests really are, etc.
  6. Maybe a magazine subscription to a pet-related magazine would be nice...
  7. eh, no magazine subscription. i think she'll appreciate food more. :smile: gift certificates are great.
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