Need suggestions for small wallet!

  1. I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on a compact wallet or coin purse, something that will fit comfortably into a pst. I tried looking on the resource thread, but there aren't too many wallets. Photos and/or prices on items are appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. ^bump!

    me too! ~ none of mine will fit comfortably in my reissue 225s ~ any suggestions girlies? :flowers:
  3. Well, I hate to say this in the Chanel forum (ducks!), but since you have LV in your avatar, the LV mono zippy coin purse is the most fabulous small wallet ever. It holds a ton and is really compact. I needed a small wallet for my Medallion tote and it is the best investment I've made so far in 2008.
  4. The zippy coin purse is awesome! I'd love something similar in a Chanel caviar leather, if it exists!
  5. roey ~ can you post a pic? ~ :flowers: ~ i have actually been lusting after a speedy & some nice accessories for some time & then these bloomin' reissues appeared! ~ one more to come & them i'm off to LV to no doubt begin another addiction! :rolleyes:
  6. Oh I need a smaller wallet. I have a big LV one. Love this zippy for my PST.
  7. thanx roey & wantmore ~ one of each then! ~ lol! ~ LV's accessories are all so delicious :love: ~ & i want an agenda too! :rolleyes:
  8. Oh i like that Epi one---thanks wantmore!
  9. those are great litttle choices.
    I have several LV wallets and can't believe I overlooked that handy coin purse.
  10. Anything that is Chanel? I'm looking for a wallet too! I really like the classic long wallets posted in the reference library but I'm afraid they will not fit well in, say, a med/large classic flap.
  11. how about the Black Camellia Tri-Fold Wallet:love: it's small and compact. it fits in my patent clutch with still a lot of room;)
  12. ^sooo pretty :love:
  13. Does the tri-fold hold a lot? I looked at so many small Chanel wallets but they couldn't fit more than 3 CC's and it didn't seem worth it for the price point.