Need suggestions for my next LV purchase!

  1. I recently sold a bbag and would like to use those funds towards my next LV purchase. I have never just gone into LV without knowing ahead of time what I am going to purchase, so I think I just want to go in and look at a variety of bags/accessories and decide while I'm there what I want. Since there is so much to choose from, I'd love to get suggestions on what I should consider while I'm there. I've included a pic of my LV collection (the only item missing is my beige inclusion speedy key chain), what do you think my collection needs? I'm open to pretty much any line. Thanks in advance :flowers:

  2. Something in black MC or Epi piece maybe? How about a shoulder bag?
  3. Maybe something in the denim line as that seems to be the only thing missing
  4. how about a larger mono bag
  5. I say a larger mono bag or something from the denim line
  6. Bh.
  7. I say more mono, I love mono.
  8. You beat me to it!

    Batignolles Horizontal would give you a larger Mono piece that's a shoulder bag - good for work, or shopping. Highly recommended! :yes:
  10. I didn't see any damier, so maybe that. I'm not to familiar with the bags in that line so I can't give a suggestion. A BH is great (I have one of those). Or maybe the Hudson PM if you want something from the mono collection.
  11. I would say a larger Mono bag...a BH or a Cabas Mezzo.
  12. I agree with the rest - larger mono bag !
  13. Definitely a Cabas Mezzo!
    Chelseas are pretty sweet as well if you are interested in Damier.
  14. Do you like Damier? if so, how about a Damier Bucket or Damier pap 30?

    Or maybe another vernis bag like Malibu Street in Framboise?
  15. Batignolles Horizontal!!!