Need Suggestions for My Next Chanel

  1. Well, I finally took the plunge and bought the Red Expandable Tote. It is so amazingly gorgeous. I was never a Chanel fan until now. The tote is breathtaking.

    So, I want another.

    Could you please help me decide? Also, my SA is remote.

    What I want:
    1) soft leather
    2) the stitching like the expandable tote (it's not too loud and it's gorgeous)
    3) interwoven leather and chain straps
    4) something smaller than expandable tote, shoulder straps and closes
    5) something a little bit edgier than a simple flap bag

    The only thing I've found in researching the forum and is the Lambskin Flap with New Closure (hopefully the attachment worked) but it just has plain chains.

    Any ideas would be so appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Congrats! The red expandable tote is amazing!