Need suggestions for my Black inclusion speedy keyring

  1. What bag would you think it would look cute on? I really want to use it, but think maybe it would only look good on a black epi bag. If I were to purchase a black epi bag, which one should I get (I did have the Epi Speedy; did not think it was comfortable to carry).

    TIA!! ;)
  2. I thought there was a pic of it on the denim speedy but cant seem to locate it.
    but this gives you an idea.
    speedy triplets 2.jpg
  3. LOL THAT'S MINE!! :lol::lol: thanks Bag Fetish :rochard:!

    i have both the beige and black Inclusion Speedy keyrings. i use the beige one for my Mono Speedy 25, and the black one for my Damier Speedy 25. here's a clearer look:
    speedy twins 2.jpg
  4. Maybe a Jasmin? I have one and love it.
  5. Didnt you have one of them on the denim as well ?
  6. :shrugs: no, that wasn't me. it was Irene who had her Panda cles on her Denim Neo-Speedy :yes:
  7. Maybe.. :Push:
    But i think there was a denim with the inclusion.. i will have to go looking :smile:
  8. They look awesome! I never thought of the Damier, but seeing yours makes me reconsider. Thank you for sharing!
  9. I was thinking about a Jasmine also. Do all come with gold hardware?
  10. how about the Epi Alma? The keychain would liven up an otherwise classic and conservative bag!
  11. Epi Alma is a great idea; do you know if the black comes with silver or gold hardware?

    What about the Soufflot? Do you think that would work or look weird?
  12. Oooh! I think the Black Inclusion Speedy keychain would look adorable on a Black Soufflot!:heart:
  13. I think now the Almas have black with silver hardware while the older models have black with gold hardware. I think either would be gorgeous but the gold hardware would match the gold speedy keychain a little bit more.

    The Soufflot is a BEAUTIFUL bag! I've always wanted one but it just never looked right with me! I think either bag would be beautiful for the speedy keychain! Keep us updated!
  14. I think you could put it on almost any bag. Black goes with everything, plus it's so great looking!!
  15. It would be hot on a Mizzi Vienna