Need suggestions for jeans for my Mom!

  1. OK so my Mom has decided she would like a pair of 'nice' jeans. She likes the jeans I wear (mostly Citizens/Sevens/Diesel/James)...the way the material feels, etc...BUT she does not like the low cut stuff.

    My question to everyone is can anyone suggest a brand/style that would meet her needs? She wants something soft and nice feeling...but higher cut. She said lighter wash but at this point I think we're just looking for something she is comfy in. We spent yesterday trying on stuff at the mall and couldn't really find anything.

    TIA! :love:
  2. Good time to look for that now bec higher cut jeans are back, I think.

    As far as I know J brand is doing a more natural waist style now, and I have a pair of Chloe jeans that really hit just below the waist.

    Hope this helps.
  3. AG and Goldsign are two good choices. My mother-in-law loves them (and she had the same issues).
  4. Tahari and Dana Buchman make jeans that are not that real low rise.
    DKNY also does a lot of jeans and are not real junior in fit.
  5. Great! I will definately tell her to try these. Thanks!
  6. Levi's dark denim wash all the way! It's slimming and looks more expensive when darker! You can't go wrong with Levi's jeans!
  7. I say good old gap is great for moms- my mom looks great in gap bootcut.....
    Diesel may be an option- even the mens bootcut in her size- they won't be a low cut as some of the woman's styles...
  8. My mom saw a special on the news about tummy tuck jeans and wants to go try them ... here's a link:
    WPTV NewsChannel 5
  9. I know Paige is starting to make some higher-rise cuts.
  10. My mom loves the more trouser-cut Paige styles
  11. I bought my mom Sevens and also the Habitual Glory jeans. She loves them and they both have a higher rise (compared to Paige or RR or COH).
  12. Sounds good...we'll probably hit the mall this weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions!!!
  13. Paige or Elie Tahari
  14. I love the Banana Republic boot cut jeans, there not low (an inch or so below the bellybutton) and they have just a drop of stretch in them. Classic pocket design.
  15. My mom is the exact same!
    She loves Joe's jeans.