Need suggestions for early teen's dresses....

  1. My 13-y/o will have a gr. 8 graduation this May and I thought I'd start early by asking around for suggestions on good places (both online and not) to shop for nice dresses? They have a dress code--no spaghetti straps, no mini-minis, no plunging necklines or low bare backs. Sweaters or shrugs are required over those with spaghetti straps. I guess this is because the ceremony will be held within the Mass. We used to buy at Limited Too but then most other kids get theirs there and during one school function, there were several wearing almost identical outfits! Will appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
  2. You could try Macy's!! I always get my homecoming dress from there, and they have lots of great sales! There's lots of selection too.

    Definitely look at Nordstrom in the BP section. They have lots of cute dresses that are pretty affordable, and they aren't too revealing.

    You could also try Lord & Taylor if you have one of those near you. I got a great BCBG for graduation on sale for only $30 from over $200.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm not too familiar with the younger one's brands and it's good to know some brand names.
  4. Well, with dresses, I'm actually less concerned about brands. I like to just go into a store that has lots of dresses and pick out the ones that I like and try them on. [I'm 15]
  5. i think GAP has some reasonably priced dresses as well. check out the gap outlet, they always have good deals.
  6. Try some of the smaller boutiques in your local mall and if it is a bit out of dress code just get a mini sweater or shawl to make it look even more elegant. Yeah i don't think brands are going to matter much for an 8th grade party but the style and color definetly will. Have her find out what most of her friends are wearing like if the style will be long or short bc you don't want to get a really long dresand everyone else be wearing short dresses. Personally, i think don;t get black bc it's 8th grade and everyone should be colorful instead of trying to be older with a black dress.
  7. if brands dont matter, you could always check out forever 21 (even though i hate them for all that copyright infringement). theyre really cheap and they carry a ton of dresses.
  8. whatever you do, don't go to jessica mcclintock. I dunno what it's like now in 2008 but for my 8th grade graduation, EVERYONE had the same McClintock dress in varying shades of pastel.

    I would try BCBG..they have some stuff that's not too "sexy". White House Black Market has some great graduation appropriate dresses as well. Also, what about Lilly Pulitzer? Lilly has some great kids stuff.
  9. Try Burlington Coat Factory.... they have a huge section on "girl's formal" I recall.
  10. Thanks for the great tips (esp. the Jessica McClintock one)!