Need suggestions for a summer bag...

  1. I was hoping I could get some suggestions for a new summer bag. I'm going nuts since I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

    I'm looking for a white/ivory leather bag that is smooshy and unstructured feeling but with some outside pockets. I prefer silver hardware but will tolerate dull brass hardware.

    The biggest issue with me is the size since I'm only 5'4". I also don't carry a lot in my bag so a medium size is best. I have found several nice bags but they are all too large. I am looking for a medium sized bag (something like 12x8x5).

    For price I would prefer to stay under $500 but could go up to $1,000 for the right bag.

    Here's some ideas of bags I like but don't work because of size. Hopefully it will help give everyone an idea of what I like:
    1. Gerard Darel
    2. B Makowsky 'Chelsea' Zip Pebble Hobo Bag
    3. Botkier Bianca (The medium is a perfect size but I already have one and don't want a second one).
    4. Gussto Torlia
    5. Gussto Baca

    I would appreciate any ideas. TIA.
  2. The Celine Bittersweet is so scrummy and smoochy, loved it except it was white. I can't even do white T-shirts let alone a white bag!
  3. Thanks Passerby adn Riffraff.

    Yes the Cole Haan is too structured but I appreciate the thought.

    I like the Celine. It's very simple and pretty.

    Any other ideas?
  4. I have been checking out ivory bags for summer recently. Tano have some nice cream/ivory bags that are similar to the style you are looking for.
    suzyWHITE_l.jpg sprungPANNA_l.jpg dragonqueenPANNA_l.jpg loveboatWHITE_l.jpg