Need Suggestions for a Small Nighttime/Going Out Bag

  1. I would love to get a small LV, probably a shoulder bag but doesn't have to be, for going out at night to fancy places. I use my Wapity when I am going out to a bar or club but I would love a really classy bag for a fancy restaraunt or similar occasion. What do u suggest? :smile:
  2. Shirley, Pochette Marelle, Pochette Croissant.

    I love the Shirley the most for a night time shoulder bag or clutch. Its cuter as a clutch though, ditch the strap.
  3. In my opinion the black Epi grain Sparte bag is one of the most elegant LV bags.:love:
    Unfortunately it is discontinnued, but sometimes it can be found on Ebay
  4. Pochette Marelle or the Twin PM/GM. They can be used in a couple of different ways- on the shoulder or as cluthes.
  5. Track down something from the satin line - a mini alma in black would be too adorable !
  6. I like the Epi Pochette.
  7. I love the old standby, the Mono Pochette Accessoires worn with an extender. I'm old fashioned! :shame:
  8. I like the Honfleur! It can be used as a clutch or a shoulder bag because the strap is removable and it looks so classy and is roomier than the marelle or the regular epi pochettes.
  9. How about something in the vernis line?
  10. sonatine! i love mine!
  11. I love the Honfleur also!
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Multicolore Shirley or Monogram Pochette Marelle

    they can be used as clutches or shoulder bags :yes:
    shirley 002.jpg shirley 003.jpg pochette marelle 002.jpg pochette marelle shoulder 002.jpg
  14. Awesome guys... very good choices that were given!

    When I think of an "evening" bag - I think of the color "black" and the 3 small bags from The Epi collection - Honfleur, Pochette Acces... (maybe The Segur Pm) but yeah... I think my fav. that was picked out by "KAT" up there would be L'Aimble... (GOOD CHOICE...)

    I sure do love The Suhali collection... :smile: