Need suggestions for a new bag...

  1. I'm looking for a medium sized bag in a soft leather. I like buckles, studs, and other little adornments and bright colors.
    I really love Bulga bags, but they are out of my price range. Can anyone recommend any moderately priced ( around $200) bags that have similar styles to Bulga?
  2. I love Bulga as well, also love botkier and anna corinna...but the price ranges are similar to Bulga and well above $200...maybe eBay?
  3. Hmm, how about:

    I don't own any bags from these labels (although I might because that Elliot Lucca bag is SO cute!), so I don't know about how the leather feels, but I'm doubtful that you're going to be able to find a buttery soft leather bag for under $300.00. You may just want to wait for a Bulga or Botkier to go on sale?