Need Suggestions For A Grey Bag

  1. I'm looking for a grey/slate colored bag...on the bigger side and priced around $400-800...any suggestions?? TIA
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After, Dark Grey - $595 (use code toutie for 15% off)

    Rebecca Minkoff Matinee, Grey - $625 (use code toutie for 20% off)

    Hayden-Harnett Mercer Satchel, Gray - $480 (use code grechen for 20% off)

    NDC Abesses Explosion, Anthracite - $595 (use code toutie for 20% off)

    POSSE New York Carolina, Grey - $535 (use code toutie20 for 20% off)
  3. It is a cool grey, but not blue. The purse store pic is off. The HH pic is pretty close.
  4. Love the matinee, also this gustto Cala:

    Or this botkier:

  5. What about a Kale Tate in coal?

    I just ordered mine through kataphileo. If you use the code "GRAND25" you get 25% off until Sunday, November 18. It's also an extra 3% off if you "join" the site. I haven't received my bag yet to know if the color on the site is accurate but I know Kale bags are great quality...
  6. ooh, Totally agree with PurseInsanity!!! Just what I had in mind!!!
  7. Thanks everyone!! Your suggestions were really helpful!!
  8. Wickedassin, let me know when you receive your Kale handbag from Kataphileo and thanks for posting a code for them. I found a handbag on kataphileo's site and I really like it but I haven't read much information about them and I was curious about their service before I make a purchase...
  9. like that kale bag! I'm still looking for my perfect dark gray bag. BTW I thought this quote was funny from kale...
    Did you know the average American owns 10 handbags? Make sure your top 10 handbags include Kale.

    I don't think any of us are very average than! lol