Need Suggestions about a Gift


What to do with the white MC Bandeau?

  1. Keep it

  2. Exchange it for something else (what tho?)

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  1. My cousins bought me a White MC Bandeau for my birthday and I am extremely thrilled for the gift. I haven't had time to take pictures so I am attaching one from now I adore the MC line and I absolutely think the bandeau is adorable; however, I don't know if I'll use it.

    I am afraid of getting it scratched since it's silky... I don't usually wear scarf like that (I don't know how to tie it properly) and I don't wear head band (they always slide off my head) and I don't want to tie it to my bags (I think it looks pretty when other people do it but I think it'll be more of a worry for me to do that).

    So having said that, do you think I should keep the Bandeau or exchange it (with added $) for something else? My problem is I don't know what to get since I don't really want to spend a lot more money, the bags I do want are all at least over $600.

    I need your advice on what to do... Keep it or Exchange for something else... If to exchange, then exchange for what? I appreciate any help and suggestions! Thanks!
  2. personally i'll keep it as it's a gift. furthermore a gift that u like it very much. there's a pic of a dune speedy with that bandeau in the celebrity thread and it's soooo gorgeous!
  3. I guess if you don't think you'll make use of it might as well return it for something you'd use more often. perhaps you can return it and get an inclusion bracelet or something.
  4. wow I would LOVE it how sweet I would keep it :O)
  5. If you're not going to use it, get rid of it! I'd rather have a bag. Save your money towards a bag!!
  6. Can you tie it around your ponytail when you put your hair up like that? thats what I do with mine. or tie it around the handles of another bag! :smile: but if you don't like it, exchange it.
  7. depends ... would you hurt your cousins feelings if you got rid of it? I would just keep it, if nothing else for sentimental reasons. Besides you couldn't exchange for anything other than another bandeau because of the price, unless of course you would add more money to it.