need suggestion on this speedy

  1. Hi
    I need your opinions on this speedy.
    I know he is a legit seller. So, my question is not about the authenticity.

    The only and last thing I need to ask for your opinion is that, do you think this speedy is too "old"? or, you would definitely go for it since it is kinda normal after everday carrying?
    I posted the pics of this speedy. Basically just the handles (hope it's the right expression, my bad English:sweatdrop: ) that look a bit "old".

    Thanks :p
    lv-z10-01sm.jpg lv-z10-04sm.jpg lv-z10-10sm.jpg lv-z10-11sm.jpg lv-z10-14sm.jpg
  2. I think its old but if you think you can rock it like that w/o it bothering you than I say go for it if its cheap enough. Personally, I would rather save up no matter how long it takes and break it in myself. Have you checked out Let-trade?
  3. The pics are from let-trade ^ If you don´t mind the vintage look, go for it! Some prefer it some don´t.
  4. it's old, but i don't think it's bad. baby wipes could go a LONG way on that baby!
  5. You could get the handles replaced... but it might look weird since it'll have new handles with older vachetta trimmings... :s
  6. Somebody like an Old LV bag but not for me. I never carry old bag and I hate when the handle turn to be darker and darker. Sorry this bag is not my type.

    and I agree with L-Rod goes for it if it is cheap enough.
  7. i saw that on let-trade too - it's extremely cheap for a speedy, but eeek, the handles are so dark it kind of looks gross...though i have no idea how well baby wipes may clean that up...let trade often has the mono speedies for under $300, and many of them aren't that old, so if i were you, i may just wait a while and check let-trade from time to time for one in better condition..
  8. :p :p
    thanks for your kind opinions, I dunno about if I like vintage look, I guess I do and I hate brand new looks of speedy, well, don't give me wrong, Yes I like new bags, but ok, too many people carrying fake speedy here, and every bag I saw is so shinning.
    I think even if I got it, I won't change them to new handles, that is really weird...
    Oh well, I emailed him asking about the payment method since he does not ship to unconfirmed address?!(weird, then, how can he ship to international buyers)
    I guess I still have time to think about it.....
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Let-trade is a reputable seller. The speedy is pretty vintage looking, but it's up to you how you rock it.
  10. I saw that one on let-trade, too. The price is right, but I wouldn't want the handles so dark. Just for reference, here's the one I bought from let-trade about a month ago for $350:
  11. :p oops
  12. it's kinda old....if u like patina then maybe it's okay but not me :smile:
  13. I'm sorry but the handles are just too....eeek. I'm sure you can find another better price for just a bit more...
  14. thank you
    ok , i pass on that one!!!
    Thanks, I think I would be willing pay more for a nice one, I mean,
    It is going to be my first LV purse, I want to a nice one!!!
  15. I agree that the handles are really way past old and more of ick!
    Hope you'll find something better to enjoy as your first LV!