Need suggestion on my new purchase, thanks a lot!

  1. Hi everyone! My birthday is coming and I would like to buy a new bag for my B-day. I am make a choice between the Pink "New COACH HERITAGE STRIPE SWINGPACK" and "New SIGNATURE STRIPE PATCHWORK SWINGPACK". I think both look good in summer but I just cant make a decision.:confused1: Please advice. Thanks so much! :tender:
  2. I think either one would be adorable! Are you hard on your bags? If so maybe the Heritage would be a better choice since the coated canvas won't get dirty as easily. HTH and happy early birthday!
  3. I like the heritage stripe on better. I have never been a patchwork kinda gal.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Let me show you guys my new bag after I buy it.
  5. I would go for the heritage one... wont get dirty like the patchwork.
  6. I definitely prefer the Heritage Stripe!
  7. Go for the Heritage! It is on my wish list too! I think it will hold up a lot better than the patchwork!
  8. Okay I bought the patchwork one, then the heritage stripe. So I own both right now. Guess which one I am returning..... The patchwork. I love the colors but with all of the suede I really don't think it will hold up to well. I love the heritage stripe to much that today I ordered the Grass swingpack and mini skinny too!!!!!!! I can't wait.
  9. definitely the heritage :tup: It wipes clean and stays clean easy... I actually just bought one and love it, but it looks like I am not going to be able to keep it now. :cry:
  10. Both are cute, but I LOVE the Heritage line! It would be perfect for summer, and very easy to clean!:yes:
  11. I vote Heritage!! It is going to be on your body and the coated canvas I think would hold up good against color transfer and dirt.
  12. The Heritage! :tup:
  13. What? What happened fields?
  14. Oh no fields what happened?:sad: