Need suggestion on Bay bag

  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking abt buying the quilted bay bag. Still, i can't choose b/t the medium (as seen a lot in magazines/celebs) and the bowling one (not sure abt the name...but it's only half inch narrower but one inch taller). For the color, i'm pretty sure to go for Moka:roflmfao:

    What do u guys suggest? I'm all ears!!!:yes:

    NMV01J1_mh[1].jpg NMV01J2_mh[1].jpg
  2. I am not sold on the bowler, so I would say the medium.

    Do you have a store near you so you could carry them and check them our first hand?

    I couldnt get on with my bay, even though I was so desperate to get it :sad:
  3. The regular/medium Bay definately :nuts: It fits over the shoulder easily whereas the Bowler doesn't. Plus I prefer the shape :yes:

    I have the Medium in Moka and I love it to pieces :heart:

    I think it is a very hard style and colour combo to find now though - Dollygirl has been trying to track one down for sometime now :shrugs:
  4. Hi - does the non-quilted black one - I think it's called the classic medium bay - can it be worn over the shoulder. Its proportions look a bit different from the quilted medium one.

    This is the one I am looking at
  5. I would take the bag you can shoulder. Mokka is a perfect color ;)
  6. I've seen the bowler IRL and own the medium quilted. The bowler has a weird shape. The regular quilted is much prettier and has a beautiful profile.
  7. i LOVE the medium quilted in moka... go for it :yes:
  8. Thks for all inputs ladiesss

    So, no one said bowler...hahaha i guess i'm going to take the medium one.

    The thing is i'm in Thailand, where there is only one Chloe shop. Don't ever think abt the price. It's such a nightmare (very very expensive here). I may need to let my friend buy from Europe if it's still possible to find.

    I haven't seen the bowler IRL. Tht's y i'm hesitated b/t medium and bowler. Btw, u guys clear things out for me:yes: ohhhh i need the medium now. Moka is so gorgeous.:yahoo:

    Million thks