Need suggestion for Camera Bag

  1. I need a bag for my beautiful camera which is my other love apart for Louis Vuitton purses.

    I have a normal camera bag for it but recently that camera bag ruined my suede Onatah. I think my lovely camera deserve to live in an LV bag instead of some cheapie camera bag.

    Suggestions, anyone?
  2. This is approximately what my camera looks like... excluding assesories...
  3. I was gonna say the obvious - wapity, but I doubt that will fit in there....
  4. I read somewhere that Vuitton produced Danube as a camera bag but it can be too small for Yours. Maybe small Reporter or Trocadero??
  5. Taiga Yarranga. I use it for my nikon D80 and lenses and love it!!
  6. Yup... I would also suggest the Trocadero or the Reporter.
  7. What camera can the wapity fit??

    That cute new one that Kate Moss models??
  8. Edz, I'd also say the Reporter. It's a convenient style to sling over your shoulder/body.
  9. A Rift would be to small for your needs but that is what I am considering.
  10. I use my wapity as a camera case but my digi is a tiny canon elph.
  11. The new Damier Geant "BELIER" is designed AS a camera bag, and holds everything,chargers, memory cards, and has lots of compartments, ITS AMAZING, I am thinking about getting it as an xmas gift for the father! :yes:
  12. Depends how big it is. I use a wapity.