Need sugg. for picking 1st Balenciaga bag!

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  1. Hey Bal. vixens,

    I am honeymooning this summer in Switzerland (as I spoke about a little in the Newbie forum), and I am having quite a hard time figuring out what kind/color Balenciaga bag to buy for the trip.

    To give you a little info on me, I'm 22 with short dark brown hair, what you would call "Olsen Twin" size (love MK's bag, not the weight issue!): 5'1 and a little under 100lbs. Really small stature, ballet dancer, not great arm muscles, so I'm thinking of something smaller than the weekender. Beyond that, I have no idea!

    I love bright colors and terra cotta and camel earth tones. I would be using this bag for day trips, shopping and going to the market, and going out for dinner.

    Any suggestions or ideas will be much, much appreciated!!

  2. Welcome to the forum. :smile: You should look at the pictures here in the sticky threads with girls wearing their bbags. Try to narrow it down to what styles you want, then decide on the color. Bright colors and neutrals leaves a whole lot of wiggle room. ;) Also, is a shoulder strap a must or is hand held ok? I think it will be very helpful to you to browse the pictures on the forum, tell us what you like and then we can offer better opions. That said, as far as style, I don't think one can ever go wrong with the City.
  3. CONGRATS to your life long adventure with your soon to be hubby and WELCOME! I agree with Powder that it will be easier to decide what style is best for you if you look around and maybe check out for style measurements and colors. You are pretty small so I would suggest without other info. that a Box, City, Mini Bowling, Shopping or even a Work (if you like bigger bags) would be great! Let us know when you narrow it down if you need some help!
  4. My suggestion is u can take a look at the thread on the actual modeling pics by the gals as they have great pics of the different styles in colors and it allows u to have a better idea what to get....:yes: :yes:
  5. Thanks for the replies so far; I will look over the styles and colors tonight, and definitely get back on in the morning with some narrowed down selections~
  6. welcome....

    i'm about the same height and weight as you, i like the city, the size is just perfect for my built, i like the first also, but a bit small to my liking......
  7. I think the Part time style is great! And it actually comes in Camel (from FW 06)...Although I must warn you, I owned it and got it dirty pretty easily (I didn't even use it everyday!). Truffle is also a great color (both FW 06 and SS 07). Then there's Aquamarine which in my opinion is a splash of color but still very wearable. And there's also Sandstone...

    Camel Part Time...

    Truffle Work...

    Aquamarine Part Time...

    Sandstone First...
  8. I think the city would be perfect for you because it sounds like you will have arms teensy enough to wear the handles on the shoulder. Its a very flattering size and shape, too. My second choice would be the mini bowling.
  9. Having been a tourist in Europe and elsewhere more times than I can count, I know for sure that one of my biggest necessities is to have my hands free while wandering around. The City can be worn on the shoulder and as a handheld so for versatility alone it gets my vote.
    My second choice for the same reasons would be the Day:yes:
  10. i would say u'll look cute with a city or a first...
  11. I'm 5'2 and 105/110 pounds, and I have a black city (from 05). I picked black because (A) it was a big purchase and I didn't know if I'd be getting another (and I had no black bags at the time), and (B) because it was my first bbag and with spending so much money, I didn't want to get a color that I may have fallen out-of-love with one day.
  12. I LOVE the city worn this way - with a cute baby tee and sandals, it is so cute!
  13. I think you should try a city. Depending on your wardrobe, my suggestions would be a nice shade of blue (maybe blue glacier) or sandstone, if you want neutral. I think both of these colors could be good year round bags too but both could be for summer. I think given your size and the fact that you want it for dinners out, you wouldn't want to go bigger than a city. You won't be able to fit much stuff in it in the way of shopping but you probably won't want a huge bag for dinners out and I think carrying around a huge bag on your trip might get tiring.
  14. I think a city would be perfect if you want to use it for day trips, shopping and going out for dinner.
  15. My vote goes for a city as well. I have 3 and love them.