need style number for GST please?

  1. hi can anyone do me a favour and gie me the style number for the black GST with silver hardware? i tried describing the bag to the SA but she doesnt know what im on about! ive searched on here but can only find style numbers for PST and not the GST! thanks!! ;)
  2. [​IMG]
    ^Closest I could find in the Reference library. This is a tag from a black GST with GOLD hardware, although I assume the number for the GST with silver hardware is either identical or very similar.
  3. ohhh ok thanks so much for you help! will call them now!
  4. thanks missisa! i think it woudl be the same. i'll just ask for the silever hardware. thanks heaps anyway! ;)
  5. Yeah. I'm guessing that the initial two row codes

    are the code for the GST in general, and that other stuff denotes the color and chain. I have no idea I'm just guessing but anyways.. No problem and good luck! Do post pics when you get your lovely GST!
  6. I'm in Canada and the SA I talked to told me the same.. Then I even gave her the style number and everything, and she said they can't get it. ???? :confused1:
  7. The above code....followed by..
    colour code 94305

    Mine is black with gold h/w

    Hope this helps
  8. FYI, I just bought this bag from the store in San Francisco.

    I purchased it from Cari Park and I know they just got a shipment in w/ silver hardware.