Need Style # for Timeless clutch

  1. Ok, i really tried to find it true the search tread, but i don't know why i can't find it. Anyone who has it for black lambskin or caviar? The SA on the phone doesn't know what a timeless clutch is.
  2. doesn't know what a Timeless Clutch us? That is weird! LOL!
    My black caviar Timeless classic Clutch is A32342Y01588
    noir (45) - 94305
  3. hee hee, I would be worried about ordering from them if they didnt know the name of one of the bestselling Chanel clutches ever :biggrin: ;)
  4. ^ Haha true, but i forgot to mention that I phoned the bruxells store in Belgium, I learned that they call it sac pochette.

    Thanks for the stylenr Swanky :flowers:
  5. You will love the clutch. I have one in white caviar and I just adore it!!!