Need stam advice...

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  1. I need to make a decision fairly quickly. I have the opportunity to get a new black stam with white trim. Has anyone seen this IRL? I can't seem to find any pictures in the forum. I already have a black small cecilia and a dark grey mix quilted bowler (which really looks black). Do I need another black bag? I have a baby stam, but no regular stams. I just can't decide if I love it or not.

    ETA: Do you think the white trim looks out of place on the bag? Also, it has a resin chain.
  2. that's the daydream bag. there are a couple of pics floating around on here. let me see if i can find them.
  3. ^I love the black Daydream stam. The trim and stone-like resin chain really give it an unexpected modern accent. I don't know if anyone here has one in this color combo, but there should be a pic in one of the threads about the fall stams. . .le me see if I can find it. . .
  4. Lol, Jinx Tad!
  5. [​IMG]
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  7. Thanks everyone! I was just staring at that picture. lol. I think I am falling in love with everything but the chain. But the leather looks tdf! I really wish I could get it in another color, though, only because I already have a couple of black bags.

  8. What about taking the chain off? I've been wearing my grey stam w/ out the chain lately, feels like a totally different bag....just a thought!
  9. i saw that bag at NM a few months ago. i really liked it, i love that daydream leather! love the shimmer to it and the leather lining :drool: does the one you are thinking about have the leather lining?
  10. OMG go for it it's gorgeous and you can never have too many black or neutral bags!!
  11. I like it!
  12. ok, I took the plunge and pre-saled it from NM. It was the only MJ bag they had in the store. So it is something like 30% off, then another 50% off that next week for a steal of a price at around $418. I've been wanting to jump on the stam train, but with something a little more classic. But the more I look at that leather the more I couldn't resist. I totally forgot to ask my SA if it was lined in leather. Hopefully I will fall in love with the chain, but if not I'll just wear it without. I just hope it is not too similar to my small black Cecilia, which I LOVE.
  13. Wow! Fab deal...Congrats!!!
  14. Sounds like you got a killer deal!! Even though you have other black bags, they all sound very different. You'll find certain bags go better with certain outfits/occasions and the new Daydream Stam is TDF! Maybe the chain will grow on you, or just carry it around w/o the chain (I've actually not been using the chains on my stams for a while now). Cant wait to see pics of the bag when she's finally in your hands!!