Need Speedy Help! D:

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  1. Ok first question:
    The speedy 25 mono, does it have a pocket on the inside?
    and i dont mean just a slit in the side of the bag. I mean a pocket off the side of the bag (inside)

    Are any LV speedys made in the USA?

    PLEASE HELP! :crybaby:
    (sorry if im asking stupid questions
    im a new LV addict :graucho:)
  2. Yep, and yep. :yes: Though much older Speedy's don't have the inner pocket.

    Your title made me laugh, you could have put "need speedy Speedy help" if you were in a rush! :p
  3. Oh and the girl says she purchased it off of
    eLuxury if that has anything to do with anything
  4. Well, the pocket is a slit, but it does extend out into the bag. There are speedy bags made in the USA.
  5. Oh and if you have a specific bag you'd like us to look at, whack a link or pics in the Authenticate This LV thread that's stickied in the LV Shopping subforum. :flowers:
  6. Lets see from wat i koe..
    1. Yes! there is pocket (slit is pocket)
    2. there are Speedies made in USA..
  7. Maybe post a pic in the authenticity thread....the gals here can check it out.
  8. WHEW!
    Ok i just totaly b****ed a girl out for selling me a fake bag.
    Must go apoligize

    Haha i just freaked out when it said made in USA
    I feel pretty milky now..
    *backs away slowley*
  9. Yep it's sort of like a flap pocket, only attached at the top. Like the pockets look on your jeans when turned inside out.
  10. okie doke, ill go run and get my camera haha
    but i was just told before that there wasnt supposed to be a pocket
    um brb
  11. Errrrrrr well maybe next time get us to look at it first! And you should still get us to look at it for you before you get back to her. There's more to authenticating such a copied bag as the Speedy than the pocket and place of manufacture.
  12. ok, i cant find my camera cord right now
    i had it authenticated before here
    but at the moment i didnt have a pic of the heat stamp.
    i looked at a pic from a real speedy heat stamp from the USA though and it looks exactly the same
    and i feel alot better now that u guys tell me there is pockets on the newer ones
    this one is about a year old

    but tomorrow i will try and find my camera thing so i can still get the heat stamp authenticated
  13. They've had the pockets since around 1990ish I think.. a fair while. Get some clear pics of the heatstamps, datecode (under the pocket on the right hand leather piece) and zipper, as well as of the rest of the bag, and post them in the Authenticate thread. :smile:
  14. If purchased in the USA... most speedies are Made in the USA nowadays. Its hard to find ones made in France. I feel most comfortable buying Made in USA bags if im buying from someone because I have yet to see a made in USA fake.
  15. wow thanks for your imformation guys
    haha i just freaked out when i saw made in USA

    you guys have been much help!
    and ill post those pics tomorrow

    g'night :biggrin: