Need somthing to hold keys, but what will work

  1. I need something to hold my keys but what will work? I have a VW and the key is on the key fob and then I have 2 keys to my apt. (1 for main door and other for my apt.). Here's what I was thinking, let me know what you think...

    1. new heart change purse
    2. mono cles
    3. mono key holder
  2. Cute! I like all 3 of those and I've been having my eye on the multi cles, but I think the Mono Key Holder would be more convinient. I actually have one in Damier and I LOVE it! Here are a fewpics :idea:

  3. I have a honda so I have a big key too and then I have 4 other keys. So I put my 4 keys in a key holder and my car key on my cles that holds my important cards, so I can just run with that when I need to. You could put the key on the cles and if you didn't want the other keys hanging out, you could put them inside the zipper part.
  4. I have the 4 key holder in the new pomme d'amour - it's gorgeous. I have my big car key on it, and six other keys as well.
  5. Kelli, thanks so much for the picture of the 4 key holder. I really want one of these but can't decide which one (damier, mono, vernis...) :sweatdrop:
  6. I just got the 4 key holder in the pomme d'amour. I have a big fat car key and 3 other keys on it. It's not even fat when I close it!
  7. The heart!
  8. ladies w/ the pomme d'amour please posts pics w/ your keys in it!!
  9. NO Brainer IMHO...I'd get the new Vernis or MC Heart Cles...LOVE EM
  10. i love mine. i don't think the heart will work well for keys. not from what i have seen. but the 4 key holders make me so happy! love those things!
    keyclosed.jpg keyopen.jpg
  11. and i think the vernis would be a wonderful piece to hold your keys. its cooler looking , esp in the new red, than even the mono!

    keep epi in mind also. a lot of them are popping up at good prices on eBay.
  12. I've had other LV key cases but for me this is the best one going. Of course it's discontinued but it's so "da bomb!" By the way Kelli, I love your leopard key! :heart:

  13. I also have one of those long car keys that have a fob on it so I had a hard time with the regular key holders (the key stuck out), until I came across this ... I love it. I can put parking cards, coupons and a few credit cards/ID in it too for quick runs to the grocery stores or the post office. It's the multicles rabat for $210.

  14. These aren't the best pictures (camera phone at work), but here's my pomme d'amour 4 key holder. The pictures don't do the color justice - it's gorgeous!

  15. Mono cles,