Need some wallet help . ?

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  1. Hi Everyone !! I currently carry a monogram Sarah wallet . Older style from 2011 . I want to get something larger that will hold my store cards as well . Any suggestions ?
    I saw the Retiro zippy wallet online . Does anyone own this ? Or the regular sized zippy , does this offer more room ?
    Thanks !!! :smile:
  2. Regular zippy is larger than Sarah.
  3. Insolite wallet
  4. I can recommend the full size Zippy wallet. It's great! I just picked up the compact size and also have the zcp I love it that much. GL
  5. I own both the Retiro Zippy and the Insolite wallets. I really like the zippy. It holds quite a lot of stuff, and can also fit in some of my smaller bags like my Croisette and the Alma BB.

    The insolite is beautiful, and more slim depth wise, than the zippy. But it also holds a lot of stuff as well. If it fit my smaller bags, I would be in heaven.
  6. I have a zippy compact and a zippy organizer- but I love them as they can hold my phone and double as a clutch! GLD!

  7. Have you considered a card case just for store cards? That way you don't need to change your wallet and you can easily leave the case at home when you don't need your cards.
  8. Hi there! I'm so undecided whether to get the full sz Mono zippy wallet or retiro zippy in Noir! Can u pls post a pic of have your wallet looks when in use?! Do,u,have any issues with the interior monogram slip pocket stretching?! Thanks so much!!!
  9. Hi sweetie! Which did u chose?! I'm trying to decide the same thing! Full size mono zippy or retiro zippy in noir! Pics pls?!
  10. Hi ! I actually passed on both . I am just going to use my Sarah . I do love her . And the other wallets has 2 less CC slots . So it really does not make sense . Good luck to you ! Let me know what you decide ? :smile: