Need some tips on listing new Chanel bag

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  1. I have decided to list one of my NWT Chanel bags today on ebay. I'm actually worried because of all the scammers out there.
    Does anyone have any tips for me before I list the bag?
  2. I would try to sell it through a consignment store. You may get less money for it, but peace of mind is priceless.

    Otherwise, you may want to post all the pictures that are required to authenticate a bag online. I think this would provide some protection for you and for your buyer. Also, you may want to have the bag professionally authenticated before posting it for sale.

    I am sure the experienced ebay seller will give you some great tips. Good luck!
  3. Having the bag authenticated by a third party would be to your advantage & also
    include that in your listing.

    There are many positive transactions on ebay but truthfully speaking with high
    end designer items such as Chanel there is always risk for the seller.

    I might consider exploring other options to resell your bag.. If the offers are
    not reasonable then I might consider selling it on ebay.

    I would have clear pictures & photograph every detail of the bag... the corners,
    the hardware on the flap or anywhere else on the bag, the interior of the bag,
    the chain etc.

    Good luck to you..
  4. I would consider selling on either Bonanza or going with a reputable consignor who pays outright for items.
  5. Besides the other suggestions, list it at a high price with a best offer option - gives you a chance to screen buyers when they send you an offer.

  6. Scamming buyers can still use PayPal to pay on Bonz, so not sure why it'd be any safer?
  7. It's true that they can, but I think it's less likely. I do 95% of my selling off-eBay but still with PayPal, and the only scammer I've ever had came from an eBay transaction.

  8. Interesting...
  9. In hundreds of Bonz transactions, I've never had a scammer there. There was one PITA and many non-payers (without any contact at all) but any scammers I've experienced were on Ebay.

  10. If only Bonz got more traffic :sad:
  11. True. I'd love to see them really give ebay a run for their money!
  12. Update: So I listed the bag on ebay with a buy it now price & best offer.

    I got an offer from a buyer with 100% positive feedback for a lower price, immediate payment via direct paypal - so no ebay fees.

    What do you you guys think I should do?
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    Last edited: Mar 24, 2014
    You aren't talking about taking the transaction off eBay, are you? Absolutely do not. You are on eBay selling, so don't cheat the system. Pay the cost of that.

    Bear in mind, all buyers have 100% positive FB as buyers.
  14. I would not do this. While you'll still have PP protection, you'll void your eBay seller protection. On top of that, even though eBay fees are high, you've used eBay's services in order to find a buyer, and it's only right you pay them for that service.
  15. Thanks. I guess I can lower my best offer price & sell it to her through ebay.