Need some Tiffanys advice please

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  1. My aunt gave me a 300 dollar gift card to Tiffanys for my birthday. I haven't spent it yet and she is always asking me if I have yet. I don't have any Tiffany pieces and no spare money so 300 is my limit minus tax. What do you suggest I get?
  2. I think what you should do is go on the tiffany website and figure out if you want a necklace, earrings,'ll probably be limited to silver which is fine because its tiffanys!!! but after you've decided what you feel like getting start searching through all the jewellery and picking your favorites! let us know what you're favorites are and then i'm sure people will help you narrow it down even more:smile:
  3. For this price, you are best looking at the Sterling Silver pieces, I am a big fan of the Elsa Peretti pieces, a find the Frank Gehry pieces fascinating too. There are search features on the Tiffany website and I think they have complimentary shipping for $300 or more!

    I wish you well,

  4. agree with the others -- take a look online and see what you fancy. i'm partial to frank gehry.
  5. think return to Tiffany tag bracelet is perfect for u and it is about 260 usd
  6. You can get a sterling silver necklace and earrings for that amount.
  7. What about getting a RTT bracelet that you can add addtional charms to in the future?
  8. I think thats what I am going to do. I think its a great choice for my first piece.
  9. I totally agree
  10. I think one of the classic Elsa Peretti designs, such as the Open Heart pendant, are nice and maybe you could possibly get a piece with a small diamond inside of it for under $300.
  11. good choice! enjoy it!