Need some support on deciding!!

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  1. I want to by a Bulga bag, but I don’t know if the big one is to big:weird: . Does anyone have experience in this. I am rather tall, 172 cm. I am not able to try the bags on because they are going to send them from Stockholm. I don’t want to wait until I get up there next time, maybe they will be sold out. Please help me, to decide :Push: witch size to buy. I must decide today and they will send the bag next week.
    Bulga Large.jpg Bulga medium.jpg
  2. I'm not much for tall, long bags. I saw the first Bulga bag in red in Lucky magazine (or one that was very similar to it). I like the second shoulder bag much more.
  3. Hello! It’s me again:P . I have a additional question. Does anyone know if these bags come in Bronze. I have seen them in a gold colour, but I allready have a gold bag and would like a bronze I could to wear all around the year:smile:
  4. Sorry I can't really help you on colour.

    I do have a suggestion though, have you considered the totes ? I particularly like this one, just because it doesn't have as many rivets and may go out of vogue less quickly. There's also a really cute one with lots and lots of rivets, so here's two pictures so you can decide for yourself ! :smile:


  5. I’ve seen them both, and I don’t like the first one, the second one is ok, but they don’t talk to me…sorry. If I’m going to have a Bulga I suppose it has to be one of the hobos and I’m leaning towards the big one. Now I have seen it on a dummy and it looked ok in size, but I’m still indecisive:embarasse .
    Large 18"H x 16"W x 1"D
    Medium 12"H x 15"W x 1"D
  6. Ahh okay, well, this is your bag so you should be the one in love with it ! :smile:

    I would probably get the medium one personally, just because you don't want a bag to overwhelm you. But then again, you're a LOT taller than me so maybe the larger one would also look good ? :smile: Decisions decisions.
  7. With the hobos, I vote for the 'shorter' one. I LOVE the totes tho'...especially the first, less embellished one.
  8. I have the smaller one, but in the purple, and it's fabulous. It's actually very roomy, and I think if it were any bigger, I'd lose all my stuff in the bottom!! As for the totes, I saw them in person, and they're very cute, esp with that flap/pocket in the front. It kinda reminded me of that Michelle Frantz Handmaid bag that Heavensent posted a while back. I looked at it in brown, and the color/type of leather didn't tickle my fancy, but the yellowish tone was in the same soft leather as my purple one and it was quite nice.
  9. i like the smaller one better versus the longer one..
  10. I like this one. It's cute and the color is different. The large Bulga hobo seems potentially too long. I'm going shopping. If I try it on, I'll report back.

  11. If it was me I'd go for the larger of the two hobos. But I do have a thing for bags that could theoretically carry the kitchen sink.;). You should go with your gut - if one is calling to you more, go for that one. If you overthink it, you'll potentially end up with the wrong one.
  12. i almost got a bulga (i may get one when some new colors come out), and i definately like the medium better. the large is nice, but there's something about the shape and longness of the bag when it's on that i didn't think was exactly right, and the medium seemed plenty roomy.
  13. I like the larger one. I love big bags right now. They seem to give the impression that you are ready for anything at a moments notice. Throw in a georgeous scarf, or a light cashmere sweater; haul it out when necessary. always ready with a big bag.

    Plus I saw a hugh Gucci shopper on a tall slim woman the other day and it looked great on her. I'm 5'4", she must have been 5'6" or 5'7".
  14. I vote for the smaller one, although you are tall, so you can probably also get the taller one. I think it depends on what you will be carrying in the bag. If you are like me, and carry lots of papers and books for work, then I recommend the taller bag. But, if you are looking for more of an everyday bag, I think the smaller one is better.
  15. Thank you for all your support, you are the best “know it all” :P when it comes to bags. One can always depend on your input and help.
    I had to make a decision today and when I rang my contact up I ended up ordering the larger one:amuse: I like large bags:nuts: so I am very pleased with my decision and the medium was no longer available in brown colour so…. my decision got very easy in the end.
    Ones again thanks :love: