Need some support... diminished amniotic fluid at the 34th week..

  1. Ladies, I have been pregnant *forever* and so far never had any huge problem (well, except for a blood sugar level problem that was in fact a poorly performed blood test). I have had a lot of contractions in the last weeks, but as they were not painful I've always thought that this was all very normal. Then two days ago I had my routine visit at the OB/GYN and it turns out that my daughter is already in a really low position and the cervix is extremely short. And I'm only at 34 weeks! Plus yesterday I had the routine ultrasound and guess what?! My amniotic fluid levels are almost pathologically low (we use an Amniotic Fluid Index here and its lower normal value is "80", under that the condition is named "oligohydramnios", while my value yesterday was 95, when it should have been around 130 or so. So I was put to bedrest! I must stay in bed and drink like a camel to try to correct this prolem.. I'm very depressed right now because I had scheduled a lot of work to do before my estimated due date, and now I'm forced to bed which is sooo unusual for me. I am one of those persons who cannot stand still for a long time. Plus I'm worried for my baby girl... where the heck did my amniotic fluid go?!
    Did any of you have a similar problem during their pregnancy? :s
  2. I have no idea what caused this but hugs to you and I wish you and the baby the best!
  3. I don't know much about this topic, except that our body replenishes the amniotic fluid constantly. Follow the doctor's orders, and try not to worry too much. I had heard from a friend's friend that she had that problem but she ended up having a healthy baby girl. Try not to stress about work - there is always plenty of it.

  4. ^ITA:yes

    My step-brothers wife had this but her baby was more like 23 weeks so the Docs didn't seem to care as it wasn't "viable" yet:rolleyes:
    She stayed in bed around the clock and drank, drank, drank and delivered a healthy baby girl 2 weeks later. Yes, 2 weeks later at 25 weeks and the baby is perfection today.
    Did they talk to you about going ahead and doing 2 rounds of steroid shots for the baby's lungs and possibly taking the baby soon?
    When's your next U/S?
  5. Swanky, thank God after the 35th week the lungs should be completely able to function - at least this is what my docs said, so the goal is to reach the 35th week. My next U/S is scheduled in two weeks, as for the docs there isn't yet such an urgency. The fluid level is low but still acceptable, apparently. It's true that I have not changed at all my lifestyle until now - well, except not running and doing wild sports and eating unhealthy stuff and drinking alcohol and taking any medicine etc etc :smile: - and probably this is the way my baby has to tell me that at this point I must slow down. Now i'm in bed, drinking and drinking and drinking (and peeing, peeing and peeing again!) constatly monitoring the movements of my baby girl. She is very active at the moment, so probably she is doing ok right now.
    Thank you for your advice and thanks for all the kind words of the other PFers. Very appreciated! It is really important to be part of a marvellous community as is the Purse Forum!!!:heart:
  6. there's a website called {I think} for bedrest support, you may try it:yes:
  7. I've been on bedrest for the last six months, so I totally get the frustration. The only thing that keeps me in bed is the fact that the doctor says my water could break any day now and to be extra cautious. I can tell you as far as the amniotic fluid goes, I shared a hospital room with a lady 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my 1st son-she had lost most of her amniotic fluid, but was still carrying her baby pretty well. She spent a lot of the pregnancy in the hospital, but it amazed me how she continued in a basically dry environment.
  8. I had the same scare at 20 weeks and was tested positive for group B strep - which is known to cause a leakage of amniotic fluid. It was far more dangerous at that stage because the baby would not have survived. Perhaps you can ask for the test so you could be put on a course of antibiotics if necessary?

    I was also cautioned by my gynae not to walk too much as it would cause damage to a weak amnio sac.
  9. ^oh wow, I never heard that! I tested positive for strep as well, but never heard anything like that.
  10. Yes Strep B does weaken the amnio sac. I was on bedrest for a week and on a course of antibiotics. It is good we discovered it early!
  11. I was given antibiotics at birth both times, but hadn't heard any complications before delivering it can cause.
  12. I also had low amniotic fluid with my first baby. I was told to drink water throughout the day...I was checked a few days later and my amnio fluid went back up to normal levels. Best of luck to you!
  13. Oh, Fraublucher - I'm sorry that this is going on with you. Hopefully once you rest and hydrate for a while, the problem will resolve itself. And you're very close to 35 weeks, so that's good news that you won't have to be on bed rest very long, potentially. My sister in law repeatedly went into early labor with her second and ended up on bed rest from something like 28 weeks. The funny part was that then, once they let her get up and walk around at 35 weeks, my nephew no longer wanted to come out. I think he even ended up past due!

    I did just read a cute novel called Bed Rest about a woman who has oligohydramnios in her pregnancy. The author was on bed rest for a while when she was pregnant, and based it pretty heavily on her experience. It was a fun read and didn't freak me out (as a fellow pregnant person, though not one with the problem.) She did also mention in the Q&A at the end, so could be worth looking at.

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do. Things are slow at work these days, so I have some time to pitch in if I can.
  14. Don't have any experience of this but sure Hope all goes well for you & the baby!
  15. I pray that evrything will go well.