Need some suggestions


Mar 11, 2006
Hi its my first time here to be in this forum... I'm male and I have to admit I was quite hesitant to sign up for this forum :P But I really need some suggestions what to get for a "man purse". Was thinking of something along the lines of the LV Geronimos or Mage. Was thinking about getting that Gucci beltbag since the salesperson said that it was unisex, and so did one website. Yet from what I've seen so far, its mostly been women who has it, so now I'm having second thoughts. So, any suggestions?:biggrin:
I think you should stick with the LV line. The Gucci beltbag is suppose to be unisex but, I think it looks better on a woman, unfortunately.

I've always thought the LV Line for men just looks so sophisticated and handsome.
I haven't decided yet... Not in a rush to get it right away but will certainly get one for sure... What do you guys think about the LV Geronimos hip bag and the Bastille Messenger bag? I kinda crossed off the LV Mage in Damier Geant cuz it kinda looks more of a hard case for concealing a weapon :lol: no offense :P
Dani said:

Thanks :biggrin: Im actually liking the Abbesses Messenger Bag you pointed out too... That and the Bastille... Don't really want anything bigger because I'm using it for just a going out/school bag... I'm not exactly part of the workforce yet LOL

Like I mentioned I was planning to get something small like a Gucci belt bag just to put stuff like my phone and other MAN-ly what nots when I learned it was unisex from some sources... But thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker and numerous sightings, I might be forced to get a messenger bag instead , or maybe that LV Geronimos