Need some suggestions!

  1. My 11 year old niece's mother (I guess you'd call her my former sis-in-law) adores Coach but really cannot afford to buy any bags on her own.

    How cute is this - my niece has been saving all of her allowance, money for good grades, birthday money, etc. for months so she can buy her mom a Coach bag. She has about $200 saved up, and i've promised to take her down to the outlet to pick out a bag when she's ready.

    I need some suggestions on what we should look at when we hit the outlet. Her mom really likes signature, and my niece insists it must be a neutral shade (probably brown), must have outside pockets to fit a cell phone and keys, and she wants it to be a larger size to fit a lot of stuff. She also wants it to have a strap long enough to sling over her shoulder. Her price range is $200-$250.

    These stipulations are completely different from the types of bag I like, so I don't know what to look for. Any suggestions out there? :p
  2. That's so sweet!!! Well you can't go wrong with the Soho Flap, that's about in her range.
  3. You know, that was the image that popped into my mind when she first started talking about this little "assignment!"
  4. omg that is soooo sweet!
    if your niece has a birthday or event coming up, you could pick up a charm and maybe a wristlet for her as a surprise..!
  5. What about the bag like mine? I think it's called the Soho Pocket Tote?

    It's very roomy and has lots of pockets. I got it at the out let for like $287, but they might be cheaper near you.

  6. Yeah - I think that's what she was thinking! I'll have to show her that one. Are the tote straps large enough to put it over your shoulder?
  7. I agree with the soho flap, I think it would be perfect! But if she wanted to spend a little more ($268) a signature stripe tote would also be a fabulous option.
  8. Omg, the niece wants to buy it for her mom and the niece is only 11?
    This child is very sweet!
    Soho flap would be my recommendation as well.
  9. I have it in leather and yes, on the larger one at least, the straps fit over the shoulder.
  10. I wish you luck finding signature products at the outlet. They never seem to be at the one by me. You can call ahead and ask if they have some in stock. I like the bag that I Heart Coach suggested above. It seems to fit the bill. Your neice is a very special young lady. It is quite uncommon for an 11 year old to be so selfless and giving.

  11. Our outlet (Jeffersonville OH) has tons of signature, but I think that's a new thing because they never did before. I first saw signature stuff down there at least a year ago, if not more.

    And yes - my niece is pretty awesome and continues to fascinate me on a daily basis. The child has been through a lot - she's been a type 1 diabetic since she's been three and she's going through some ongoing related health issues; on top of that her parents recently divorced and both have remarried, and her father lives on the other side of the country. All this has not stopped her from being an extremely caring young lady, and it's forced her to be a little more grown up than your typical preteen - so when she annouced that she wanted to do this for her mom, I was not at all surprised and completey flattered that she asked me for help! I can't wait for her to be old enough to carry her own Coach, because then we'll be having some fun! :yes:
  12. How sweet of your niece!! Wow. Her mother will cherish forever whatever she picks out. :yes:
  13. Yes the straps fit very nice over the shoulder and it has the pockets on the outside she wants. I think it's a great bag!

    It's weird that some outlets don't have signature. The one I went to in Niagara Falls had TONS!
  14. Try the outlets. She can get more for her $$$ and some outlets carry signature too!