Need some suggestions under $200

  1. Is there anything I can purchase at LV for under $200? It's my friends birthday on Monday and she's not my best best friend but I still want to get her something nice. She loves LV and especially the Epi line. Are there any earrings/keyrings/cles/cigarette cases under $200? I'm kind of broke right now. :sad:
  2. A few things that are under $200 that I can think of at the moment:
    -Epi Cles
    -Denim Cles
    -Antigua Pochette Plate PM
  3. how about the monogram Cles?
    it holds tons!!! and very very functionable.
  4. oh! i love the idea of a bubbles ring! good one rebecca!
  5. I like the idea of jewellery..or a bandeau.
  6. A couple of the Azur items are under 200. 4 keyring is 150 and the Azur cles is 150.
  7. I would recommend the LVOE scarf or the bubble ring. Both are really neat!
  8. ooh i would get the bubble ring
  9. The Mini agenda is awesome! That is a gift that seems more then it is!
  10. i was going to suggest pochette florentine but i just checked the price is $15 over budget. a cles would be nice very useful.

    i would love to have u as my friend, your so kind
  11. I think the Epi cles is a cute option.
    Good luck !
    Hope your friend has a great birthday
  12. Cles or a bandeau would be really nice. I'm sure your friend will love whatever you choose! I've got a friend who just finished law school and I want to buy her something LV to match her damier agenda, so I am considering similar options so thanks for posting!
  13. I think the agenda would be a very cool present, or a cles. I wish my friends would buy me LV :p