Need some *stylish* walking shoes

  1. Sorry if this is a duplicate post (almost sure it is - but apparently my search skills are off this evening). I'm looking for some nice shoes to do a bunch of walking in Europe this summer. Don't want to wear running shoes and only carrying one additional pair with me (we'll be in belgium/france/netherlands/germany). Any recommendations? So far I have found the below. Would love other alternatives! TIA!




  2. hmm I'm interested in this too!! good question :smile:

    I too will be walking around europe and need to stick to the 70# bag weight limit so I'll need to limit my shoes. Suggestions of nice looking but comfy walking shoes def needed ;)
  3. naturalizer usually has comfy shoes and alot of styles to choose from!
  4. i just got sketchers biker shoe I think they are called and love them. so comfortable and cute.
  5. Prada sport makes stylish and comfy shoes
  6. Ladies? I'll need some photos!! :tup:
  7. I have the privos (the green pair) but I have them in white and black and the exact model you have is the ones I can wear forever. By far the most comfortable walking shoes. I can be on my feet for the whole day with Privos. Cole Haan makes a Nike pair that are very comfortable too but I'm not sure how comfortable they are for walking hours at a time.
  8. any pair of tods for me! super stylish and great for walking

    just an example here on elux although I was thinking more of driving shoes - Car Shoes would be fine as well but Tods are better if you've got narrow feet (i have and Car Shoes are too wide for me).

    second one is also a nice selection - although I just realised that they don't come cheap in the US, talk about markup. you could always look into buying a pair when you just arrive (they are a bit cheaper here). I advise against patent leather as it doesn't have that much give.
    my mother got this one for the fall and she swears it is the most comfy and stylish pair of tods EVER. also the sole is more walking friendly. I love their moccassins but the sole is very easily 'walked down'.

    also might carry a selection of tods and/or car shoes if I remember right.

    if you feel this isn't worth it for walking around in Europe I generally recommend the moccassin/ ballerina type but with a sturdy sole and a good insole!

    have fun!
  9. of the two you posted I would go for the second one - better for all weathers!
  10. I was going to suggest Tod´s too!
  11. Ladies - thank you very much for the input!

    Lara0112 - you have excellent (but very expensive) taste! Wish my budget would allow for those darling shoes!!!

    Snoozle - I believe I will be purchasing the flats. Thank you very much for the user review!

    Now I am off to investigate the other Tods.. although my CC is being a hater right now.. lol.. since all vacation related items are in need of being paid off. :p
  12. Try googling Aquatalia shoes, sandals from Italy. I just bought a pair on sale at Saks and love them. They have comfort, style and budget. Saks and Zappos has them as well. Good luck in your pursuits.