Need some shopping tips re NM

  1. There is a dress from the current Cruise 08 collection (hence full price) that I really like. I want to purchase this dress from NM. I don't live in the States and wonder if you know of any ways which effectively means I will get some sort of discount? I really like the SA that I have been emailing with and really want to purchase this dress from her who works for NM.

    I know someone has posted some tips before about purchasing from NM with discounts etc but since the search function is disabled, I am unable to find the thread. :shrugs:
  2. what do you mean discounts?
  3. The only discount I know is "tax free" if you don't have the same store in your state.
  4. Best advice I have is to wait for it to go on sale. Let the SA know now which dress you want so when it goes on sale she can set it back for you.
  5. Many thanks for everybody's advice and questions!

    By "discount", I mean paying less than retail.

    South, do you know when the next sale is? I think I may need the dress before mid-Feb...!
  6. U probably can check with the NM SA as they may know abt when is the next sale.
  7. Not exactly very helpful advice from my end here, but maybe check to see if NM has something like Saks, where they have the EGC(?) from time to time and that's where if you spend say $1000, they give you a gift cardof $100 for use next time? I vaguely remember reading about this on the shopping forum here.
  8. My best guess would be April/May, so that would be too late for you.
  9. If you open a NM charge then I think you can get some kind of incentive or gift card. It would not be a discount per se, but you could use it for another purchase.
    I seem to recall NM doing something similar to the Saks ECG sometime this past summer, but I don't know if that was a one time thing or something they do once or twice a year. As has been stated, it is going to be a while before the cruise merchandise it put on sale.
  10. I've never heard of people getting random discounts on Chanel goods. Only sale items or maybe VIPs:shrugs:
  11. I would try to find out the style and or sku number and see if Saks carries it.

    If you open a Saks card, you get 10% off ANYTHING (other than LV) on your first day of purchase.

    During NM 100 anniversary celebration a few months ago, they gave 10% discounts across the board I think (at checkout, they deducted 10% off your total). I wouldn't count on that promotion coming back for another 100 years, hehheh.

    In NM Dallas, they had a promotion that if you opened a new account, you got 15% back in giftcards. That was very local to the store, as they were test piloting that promotion. That was during the summer, not sure if they still have it. My SA offered it to me and I really, the discount wasn't worth disturbing my credit score.
  12. ah, PS - in my experience, Cruise will definitely go on sale because it's considered seasonal and not classic. It's just harder for you to find the item once the sale starts because you don't live in the states.