Need some shopping advise...

  1. Hi Vuitton lovers,

    I'm new to this site and absolutely loving it! I'm planning on buying my first LV in september (I'm so exited...!:yahoo: ) but I do have some questions for you experts...

    I like the Alma, Ellipse pm and Papillon 30.
    - Do the Alma and Ellipse both have a padlock when you buy them?
    - What is a D-ring, what does it look like, and is it only in the Ellipse model?
    - Does anyone have pictures of these models together, so I can see the difference in size?

    Thanx in advance....

  2. welcome to the forum nikki76.
    alma doesn't come with an lv lock or keys.
    for pictures, u can try to browse
    they have all lv's styles available in the store.
    good luck :P
  3. actually, when I purchased my Alma my sales associate gave me a padlock and key.
  4. I don't have an Alma, but I always thought it came with lock and keys.
  5. Me too, it was in the cell pocket.
    I love my Alma, it is my go-to bag. The D-ring is in several styles but not Alma, it's ok though you can find things easily in an Alma.
  6. what???? why mine doesn't??? :crybaby:
  7. Take it into the store, the SA will give you one. Sorry you didn't get one when you bought it, your SA made a mistake the zippers have the little loop to secure the lock.
  8. :crybaby:
    thanks... i'll ask them tomorrow...
    thanks girls :P
  9. My Ellipse came with a padlock and keys...
  10. An alma absolutely comes with a lock and key set. Sometimes SA's forget to give them. When I bought my speedy my SA completely forgot to give me the set, I asked. But when I bought my damier alma she didn't forget;). They're usually seperate from the bags, so I can see it slipping ones mind.
  11. If you are going to buy your first LV, make sure you see it in person and hold it. Just my advice. I really wanted to get a MC speedy, but it was too big for my size.

    welcome :smile:
  12. Thanks for all the information! I will make sure that I will get a padlock then. I think that makes the finishing touch to your LV.
    But It will be difficult to choose one, 'cause they all look so gorgeous to me!

  13. WOW Bagsnbags, I've checked out your pictures and must say that you've got a beautifull collection of LV's!!!