Need some shoe help!

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  1. Hello my lovely purseforum ladies, I have a special event coming up (my 21st!) and I have bought a nice dress.
    Unfortunately I don't have shoes yet and I'd love for your wise opinions, whether to stick to a basic black or otherwise.

    This is the dress link -

    I'll include a picture as well:


    The dress falls a little bit bit lower on me (since I'm not 6" :P)

    Any shoe ideas or reccommendations would be very much appreciated!
    Cost is not so much an issue since they will be a present to myself :biggrin:
  2. Would be helpful to know what you are planning to do so we can give you best advise. i.e. are going dancing etc.

    Do you have any preference high heels, platforms etc?
  3. Just as quick examples here are a few thoughts.

    High heel
    Medium heel

    Top 3 are by casadei, last is by Gianvito Rossi.
    But lots more to choose from.

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  4. Thankyou so much for the replies! Lovely ideas I am getting very inspired.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
    To be honest I haven't decided on bag or accessories yet, I'm trying to use the shoes as a focus point since the dress is neutral.

    I have a lunch planned so I wont have to worry about getting sore feet or having to go outside and ruin nice new heels :graucho:
    I'm thinking either high heels or platform heels.
    I particularly like the first Casadei pair, striking and keeping the outfit youthful ! Thanks for including pictures as well : )