Need some serious help with smelly leather

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  1. I have recently received a handbag from Morocco and it smells soooo bad. I am not sure what to do to get rid of the smell. I love this bag but would never wear it with that smell.
    Any help would very much appreciated.
    Thanks so much,
  2. I don't know if this actually works, but we tend to put anything smelly out in the sun for a while. You could give it a try if it wouldn't damage your bag.
  3. Baking soda or kitty litter for up to a week. Never tried it but read about it a while ago.
  4. Thanks Naga and Dubai. I will give both a try!
  5. You can also get Bag Candies from I've never used them but I saw them recommended on another thread.

    If it's a fishy smell, that's probably caused by the tanning process and it might not go away completely, though it should lessen in time.
  6. Stuff the bag with newspapers, leave it outside for 24h, then try again. It worked for me a lot.
  7. you could also try putting those dryer sheets in it along with papers/newspaper
  8. I would air it out in the sun for a while. Also try putting dryer sheets in.
  9. Airing out in the sun has worked for me two times when I got smelly bags in the mail. Good luck OP!