Need some serious I crazy to pass up a Maggie for $599? rop+

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  1. It's the cracked silver and....

    would I even look MORE insane carrying a cracked silver mahala along with it when traveling?
  2. Sounds like a deal to me, go for it! :yes: Although we all know I have a problem :lol:
  3. What is "rop+"?

    If YOU like/love it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. I don't think you would look insane, and people with travel gear often have things that match ~ well, from what I've seen, for what it's worth.
  4. Thanks you guys -- i've been obsessing over the silver cracked leather since I first laid eyes on both the mahala and the maggie, but there was NO WAY I was going to pay full price....and now, well, as luck may have it I can have both. Just want to make sure I won't look insane with matching 'silver' traveling bags.

    Also, do you think the maggie would be too big for an everyday bag? I'm 5'8"

    Oh and:

    rop = read on please
    + = there's more
  5. I agree with dsrk...go with whatever you like! If you carry it with confidence, others will like it too. If not, who cares!?
  6. Just wear really toned down clothes! All black or jeans and a white tee would look really hot with these bags...I'd carry them both!
  7. :hugs:
  8. jmcadon is so spot-on ~ you will look totally haute and so rock those bags wearing exactly what jm suggests!!! :graucho:

    Thanks for the transcription!!