Need some Rouge H tuition

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  1. Hello... I saw a nice Rouge bag in box leather and think that my next birkin could be like that. But my SA told me there are 4 different kind of Rouge!!! :shocked: Please share with me what is out there. I like the dark deep red color b'coz it looks vintage. But I have no clue at all. :shrugs:

    Thanks in advance!! :shame:

  2. I don't know. I have a rouge key holder... but it is actually darker than the pic.
    hermesbjkelly 002.jpg
  3. Rouge H box Kelly!
  4. ^^ and my Kelly is vintage - 1950s.

  5. Piaffe... Your Kelly looks like what I saw in the store!!! It's soooo beautiful.:love: Do you know what Rouge is that? :drool:
  6. Ah that picture just takes my breath away:love:
  7. "Rouge H" - it is a marooney burgundy red.
  8. My Rouge H Kelly in Chevre :heart:

  9. I hope Rouge H Box leather will become available!!
  10. Rouge H Box calf Birkin and Rouge H Chamonix Kelly.....oh, and Coco. :shame:
  11. Rouge H Clemence leather
  12. SPG, sounds like what you saw was Rouge H which is highly wearable and the most lovely dark red. Rouge H in box leather is especially beautiful!

    There are also brighter reds like Rouge Garance, Rouge VIF, Vermillion, and some other shades like Rouge Moyen and Rouge Exotique presently available in Lizard. A lot of these shades can be found in our reference thread in the reds section.
  13. ^^Thanks for the link, MaiTai. I really wanted to read that!
  14. You are very welcome! :heart: