Need some recommendations~! Going to Dallas for a Romantic Getaway with Hubby...

  1. Me and my hubby are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary with a little Dallas...but I need some help....:hysteric: .

    I know you ladies have traveled far and wide so give an amateur traveler (me) some suggestions...

    Were staying at Hotel ZaZa :beach: (which I was told was a great hotel) and Im trying to plan my weekend...but I don't know anything about Dallas.

    BTW, Ive made reservations at Sambuca Restaurant which is supposed to be a real swanky restaurant....:wlae:

    Any suggestions?
  2. where's Swankymama when I need her?? :search:
  3. ok.

    anyone been to the Dallas World Aquarium?
  4. I'm here!!! But DH will kill me if I don't come to bed now. . . . let me check back in tomorrow, K?

    Never been to aquarium BTW!
  5. I lived near Dallas for years. Sambuca is nice a jazz place I supposed you're going to the one off of Elm Street and not the one in Arlington.
  6. Depending on what you like...

    There are several great museums that also have great cafes in them as well so you can nosh before or after viewing the art.

    If you are a NM fan, make a visit to the orignal store in downtown Dallas.

    The mansion on Turtle Creek is one of THE premier restaurants in Dallas. If you go for the Sunday lunch it's a prix fixe menu and is a bit cheaper but you still get the experience. (Check on this though since I haven't been there in a while."

    Deep Ellum where I believe Sambuca is, is a great restaurant club scene during the day it has some great funky stores that you may enjoy browsing
  7. You should definitely check this website

    which is the entertainment mag for the Dallas Morning News. It lists events occuring for upcoming week. When looking up events you can get directions, and locations of restaurants nearby. Also great for restaurant reviews. Just a great site for planning a visit to the city and the surrounding burbs!
  8. pej:
    you are such a sweetheart~! and Im sure this will help me loads...~!

    I will look into them tonight...

    Did you used to live in Dallas, TX??

    the sambuca restaurant is in uptown dallas....the one Im going to...kinda pricey but I was hoping it would be worth it....
  9. You're more than welcome. Glad to help. I'm sure Swankymama will have great suggestions to give as well.

    I went to grad school at the University of North Texas, about 45 mins north of Dallas. So I lived somewhat near Dallas. I have friends and family who live in Dallas, so I visited frequently.

    I used the guidelive all the time when I lived there. It's great for the whole metroplex region.

    I have friend who went to Sambuca for V-day with her finace and found it very romantic. Hope you like Jazz since that's the music played there. BTW, my old grad school was well know for its jazz program.
  10. :love: The Mansion brings back sweet memories from the night of our engagement when DH proposed. It's one of my favorite all time restaurants in the USA.

    I like museums in Ft Worth too.
  11. oh no...Sambuca's not listed as one of the top 100 dallas restaurants~!!

    The restaurant Dragonfly (which is located in the hotel Im staying at) IS, though~!! And I had reservations there and I cancellled them~!!

  12. How sweet about the mansion!
    OH yeah! FW has a great little museum section love the Kimbell and the Modern.

    Good exhibitions!
  13. YOu can always try to re-book, but Sambuca is well-liked by many! The most important thing is your attitude, any place can be wonderful if you are in the right mood!
  14. I agree~!!

    I will DEFINITELY be in the right mood....~!!
  15. I haven't been to the aquarium but I recently went to the zoo and it was nice and clean. Also, the arboretum is very nice too.
    If you want to go to a water park, there is a nice one at North Richland Hills.
    Those are more family things, but when you mentioned the aquarium, I wasn't sure what entertainment you were looking for.