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  1. My sister in law loves bags but she can't really afford the higher end bags ... so I got her the speedy for Christmas. Do you think that is a good choice since it is a popular model and is not super expensive. I would have bought her any bag but I thought if I bought her a $2000 bag ... she might feel bad - did I do the right thing?
  2. Not to worry!!! You did the right thing!!!! It's the thought that counts and the Speedy is a great choice to add to any collection. She is lucky to have you as a SIL. ;)
  3. Like what john said, speedy is a great choice. It's classic and timeless. She'll love it. I think its a must-have in any purse collection whether its high end or lower end. Good luck!
  4. yup! speedy is a great choice! it is one of the cheapeset bigger bags in the whole line... (in monogram and damier and epi).... i think that is a great bag to start out with. like MEEEKS said, the speedy is classic and timeless!
  5. The speedy is a classic. And what a nice person you are to think of someone that way!! If she feels embarrased by the expensive gift just tell her how you feel about her and why you wanted to give it to her.
  6. Lovely gift.. she will love it...:yes:
  7. Wow thats awesome, congrat's to you for buying her that bag. I cant see why she wouldnt like it.
    If she's not happy with it, maybe she's not into high end lv's.
  8. How sweet of you and I think your SIL will love it. She will have it forever. It is such a nice thought on your part. I have given my SIL expensive purses (my old used ones but still in excellent shape) and she has sold them on ebay and keeps buying cheap purses. I think for the money you spend, you buy another cheap purse every month. So now I give away bags I don't want to friends who will use them.
  9. The speedy is perfect; I guarentee that she will cherish the bag. You are very sweet to think of her like that.

  10. Harley, Where I come LV Speedy is an Ultra High End would be an extragavant gift for somebody to give, esp to a "sister-in-law". They'd have to be lottery winners around here to be so generous. LOL!!!

    Your gift is wonderful. Don't second guess yourself! You can always add accessories for birthday, next Christmas...wish you were in my family. Not that some don't have money, but the "trust funders" are the absolute cheapest!! LOL
  11. don't worry harley. she will love the speedy! you are such a nice SIL! :yes:
  12. Will you be MY sister-in-law?
  13. You´re really sweet, that´s a marvelous present!
  14. My sister in law gave me pretty dish towels last year. Hmmmm......
  15. I think it is a wonderful gift! It is such a classic and not "too" over the top!